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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Day 172 -- Outdoor Cat

Guess what? Kallie finally pissed me off for the last time and she is now an outdoor cat! And no - it wasn't another dead animal (or a live one for that matter) that did it. Nope - that stupid fricking cat sprayed all over the house while we slept! OMG! That smell is frigging repulsive! I mean - it's horrid when I'm smoking. But now that my nose has the ability to smell like a non-smoker ... UGH - it's nauseating! She sprayed on the couch where she sleeps and in by her food and litter box! The food and litter box area I can clean - but the dang couch!? Lucky for her I have other cushions for it. In fact - the cushions we were using went to our old couch. I liked them because they fit and were firmer then the ones that were supposed to go to this couch. But I know what it's like to clean cushions (um - fricking impossible!) and I know what it's like to get the cat spray out (um - again - fricking impossible!). So, I threw out the litter, put the food outside, threw the old cushions out and put on the original ones, and closed the dang cat door for good! I'm SO done with that cat! I'll keep feeding her, but that's it! UGH!!

Oh - and to any animal lovers out there thinking I should give her a 2nd chance - this was her last chance. She's had about 3 or 4 chances now. She screwed up when she sprayed (and I couldn't care less if it's a natural thing for her - it's my house and she's not welcome in it anymore).

On a completely random side note - I finished the last episode of Stargate Atlantis today. And while I'm still saddened by what they did with some characters (I went on a venting spell in THIS post) I'm glad I stuck it through to the end. The last two seasons weren't completely horrible, and I'm happy to have experienced them :) And even though I'm REALLY sad that I finished all the episodes (meaning SG1 and Atlantis both) I'm thrilled that the new Stargate Universe is on right now! I kinda wish it was done so I could watch that one back to back like I did with the others, but that's okay, lol. I'll deal with waiting week to week - season to season. Let's just hope it can stay alive for seasons to come! I'm really loving the whole Stargate "universe" (for lack of a better term, lol) - it's an entertaining world, that's for sure!

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