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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Day 170 -- Blooming Beauty

I have some awesome, yay me! news - I've been plugging away on my garage sale organizing - and I got one side of the truck completely done!! Now I have a place that I can stack boxes of stuff for the garage sale. So I can look in there and say - everything right there is gone. Either cuz I sell it in the garage sale, or take it to Value Village afterwards - one way or another, this stuff is gone :) It feels SO liberating getting rid of so much junk!

Today's photo, however, is far from junk. For mother's day, I got a flower from Connor. He actually grew this at school from a seed!! Last years flower lasted for-EV-er, and was more ... flowery. This one look a LOT more weedy, but oh well, lol. Anyhoo - it bloomed really pretty and I grabbed a photo to share :) Don't mind the butter tub that it's in - it's better than the weird sand/rock thing they put flowers in last year, lol.

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