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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Day 165 -- Layout of the Week

I here tell that Mondays are supposed to suck. And yet I find myself having pretty awesome Mondays. It's a fresh start. I get my days back and my quiet house back when Tom goes back to work. I woke up to some fantastic news - so let me share :)

I got an email from Log Your Memory asking me if they could publish my Out Takes layout! Not only that - but that layout will be entered into a contest and one person chosen for this month will get a copy of the book (the book that my layout will be published in) for free! Oh I'm SO happy!! This is a HUGE first for me, and I'm beyond thrilled.

After that, I log into my Facebook to catch up on anything I missed while I was sleeping (lmao - yes, I'm THAT obsessed with my social networking, lol - sad, ain't it, lol). Well, I then see a bunch of "Congrats Jen" from some scrapping friends and I learn that I was randomly chosen to win a gift card from Shabby Miss Jenn. I was expecting the average $5 or $6 (the price of most scrap kits) and was just floored when I saw it was worth $15! Wow - Jenn is AWESOME! I knew I loved her for a reason, lol.

You might be thinking I'm done with the good news - but I'm not!! After some time, I finally make my way over to Sweet Shoppe to check up on my CT stuff and see what's new. I see that someone had posted a topic about the new layout of the week, and I click the link to go see who had been chosen. I have to say my jaw just dropped when I saw MYYYYY layout!!

That's today's photo - it's of my winning (not only did I win the honor of being chosen, but I also got a $7 gift certificate! I love winning stuff!!)

And if you're curious - here's the actual blog post http://sweetshoppedesigns.com/blog/?p=4155

Oh - before I leave - no, my day wasn't completely perfect. Kallie is getting on my LAST nerves! That stupid cat brought a dead bird into the house today! Oh. Em. EFFING Gee!!! Yeah - I'm pissed, can't you tell, lol. I tried to get her to pick it up and take it out, but she would NOT do it. So I threw the bird away (outside of course, lol) and kicked Kallie outside. She wasn't allowed in ALL day! And I'm SOOO tempted to make it permanent....I guess we'll see how things go before I make it a permanent thing.

K - that's all for today, lol. Awesome day with a moment of grr-ness :P See you tomorrow! XOXO!! :D

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