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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Day 162 -- A Moment to Grieve And Then A Giggle

You know - I'm probably gonna sound weird when I say this - but I choose the shows I watch carefully. And if there's a chance of the ending being completely sucky, then I won't waste my time. I also like to wait until a show is over before diving in and watching it so I can watch all the episodes back to back over the space of a few weeks instead of waiting for each new episode and dealing with commercials. This started with Lost back when it was in its second season - I got used to having it commercial free AND back to back - and ended up being spoiled when I tried to watch it on TV. Ugh! The commercials were just way too annoying. And don't get me started with waiting a week to see the next episode (let alone waiting for the next season). So yes - I actually stopped watching and patiently waited until the show ended before starting it. I have heard mixed reviews on how it ended, so I'm still torn about whether or not I'll watch it...

But that's not what I wanted to rant about. See... People that watch shows on a week to week basis have the chance to return to reality, lol. If a person immerses themselves into these fictional worlds the way I do (hours at a time - every single day with little reprieve), well - the story can really impact you (can anyone say holy shite about Dexter?! I was depressed with genuine grief for weeks after that season finale - which I saw after having watched all the other seasons back to back.) So actually - Dexter is a great example! RIGHT NOW - in hindsight - I really don't care what happened. But I've since come to terms that it's fiction, lol. But at the time, right after watching it, I went through some genuine emotions of grief and denial, lol.

I am in the middle of a series right now that just killed off a main character. And I think I bawled for 10 minutes and am still feeling the grief from it. I know it's fake (I really do - I promise, lol) - but I've been living with these characters for a little over a month now ... *sigh* And then I research it online - yep, he's gone. And not coming back. OH - and while I'm researching - I see another main character is gonna go buh-bye in the 4th season. I'm starting to feel like I picked a bad show to watch. I've got two more seasons - and for all I know, it just gets worse... grrrrrr....

Alias figured it out - listened to the fans and fixed the issues they caused (thank goodness!!). Battlestar Galactica had a complete brain fart and dropped their fans, leaving them with a WTF ending.

Okay - forget my tirade, lol. I was just trying to come to terms with these emotions that I can't seem to shake (normally I would smoke - but that's not an option anymore). I just can't believe they killed him off :(

I did however have an UH-MAZE-ING day with Swagbucks! All week has been that crazy deal where each day the magic awesome bill got bigger and bigger. Gotta go out with a bang, right? So today, it was a 59 bill!! OMG! And get this! I hit that puppy TWICE!!! My first two searches (where I got something) were 59 swagbucks each! I also had a couple referrals get 59. Not to mention the other random (less amount) searches I got! I think I got well over 300 Swagbucks today! :D Awesome, ain't it!!

And today's photo is just a cute little moment between Kallie and Liam. Kallie was licking Liam's finger, and Liam was cracking up from it, lol. It was the giggles that made me turn around (from watching my dang show) and see what was up. I just had to grab a photo :)

And I forced myself to scrap (I tend to scrap while watching my show - so the grieving really didn't help my scrapping, lol). I pushed myself however, because I was lagging on my CT duties and came up with this (not my fave layout - but when you're in a hurry, you just deal with it and move on.)

Full credits can be found by clicking on the image!

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