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Monday, July 5, 2010

Poo On Posting

As my little header (which I just updated) states - I was doing so great with my blog! I was finally (FINALLY) caught up and then summer stuck. I really got into sorting my stuff to get it ready for a garage sale that I swear will one day happen! The weather being nice had us all doing more outdoor stuff. And unfortunately, my depression took a nose dive - which affected me in all my creative outlets (scrapping, photography and blogging alike!) I forced myself to take photos, I made some awesome layouts despite not really wanting to, but I didn't get much done here :(

So, soon - oh so soon - I'll be doing some catch up posts :) Despite the depression, June was really an awesome month - full of fun times and awesome photos :) I'm eager to get my memories jotted down before more time passes, so catch up posts are on my to-do list for sure :)

A quick recap - I'm not dropping my P365 efforts. I've been diligent (mostly) with photos. And catch-up posts are coming soon :D

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