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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Day 148 -- Bath Time

Connor usually takes showers, so we don't do the double bath thing often. So when we do -- it's becomes a little treat for the boys, and a little photo op for me! :D

Happy Friday Everyone!! Hope y'all have a great Memorial Day Weekend! We have nothing planned, so who knows what we'll do! Well - we do have one plan: we are planning on finally getting to the farthest back corner of the moving truck. And in that corner - currently piled and surrounded by boxes - is my dresser. The sad excuse for a closet here barely holds Tom's clothes. That leaves me with a laundry basket on the floor for my stuff. And with the discovery of more of my clothes the other day - my basket just isn't cutting it anymore. So, yay! I should have my own clothes storage soon :D

That's it for today!! See you tomorrow! XoXo! :D

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