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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Day 145 -- His Masterpiece

For Christmas this past year, my mom got those little doodle toys (the one's that you draw on it and then slide the little dealy on the bottom to erase and then start again). Well, those lasted only a few days before it was cracked. Then a week or two and a chunk was broken off. Up until finally one was garbage, and finally the other. It was a sad day with the drawers were gone (that how the boys refer to them - it's a two syllable word: "draw" and "ers").

So, yesterday while I was browsing around in Target, I came across a sale that I couldn't pass up. And I bought the boys new drawers. And not the cheap ones that my mom found (LOVE YOU MOM! lol) but the "Kid Tough" Fisher Price ones :)

Today's photo was a challenge over come by Connor!! The drawers came with little pictures on the front. One was of a simple stick-figure type house. Connor desperately wanted to draw one and couldn't figure it out. But something must have clicked cuz he excitedly showed me this! :D

I thought the circle in the sky was supposed to be a sun or cloud - maybe a tree with an unfinished trunk. But he informed me that it was a microphone. I have NO clue why - but hey, it's his picture, lol :)

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