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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Day 149 -- Have Some DVDs

Well, today didn't go as planned. Our friends Dameon and Kaci are moving this weekend, and they ended up using Tom and his truck all day today. I'm a little irked cuz they were no where to be found when we were moving. It took us over a week of 16+ hour days to get our stuff packed and loaded in the truck (and it didn't even all fit! We had to unload some and go back). If Kevin & Krisstin hadn't helped for the little bit that they did, and if my mom hadn't baby sat the boys for those last couple days of moving.... yeah - I'm bitter, what can I say, lol.

So, I was extremely bummed we didn't get to the dresser today. I didn't wanna do it myself - I wanted Tom's help. So I didn't even start. Instead - I started to tackle the task of organizing and transferring all of our DVDs from their cases to the new giganto CD case that I got. I hate putting our DVDs into a case like this, but we just don't have room for the shelf we normally use. And doing it this way really is saving space.

In the middle of it all, I managed to extract myself and grabbed a photo of the organized mess :D

That photo doesn't even show them all. You can't see our boxed sets, plus the kids movies were the first ones to go in there a few days ago. Oh - and when I cropped the photo to go on my blog here, I cut off a couple stacks of movies.

Yep - we have a lot of movies, lol.

Day 148 -- Bath Time

Connor usually takes showers, so we don't do the double bath thing often. So when we do -- it's becomes a little treat for the boys, and a little photo op for me! :D

Happy Friday Everyone!! Hope y'all have a great Memorial Day Weekend! We have nothing planned, so who knows what we'll do! Well - we do have one plan: we are planning on finally getting to the farthest back corner of the moving truck. And in that corner - currently piled and surrounded by boxes - is my dresser. The sad excuse for a closet here barely holds Tom's clothes. That leaves me with a laundry basket on the floor for my stuff. And with the discovery of more of my clothes the other day - my basket just isn't cutting it anymore. So, yay! I should have my own clothes storage soon :D

That's it for today!! See you tomorrow! XoXo! :D

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Day 147 -- Drawin' on the Drawer

Today was the day that I swore would have zero yelling. That's right - no fighting kids, no yelling to be heard over the screeching. I never turned on the TV - just like the old days. It made the kids a little restless at first - wanting to kick each other and what not on the couch. When the screeching started, I told them to cut it out and made them go and play in their rooms. And that's how most the day went - me out here, them in their room...playing quite happily I might add.

AHHHH -- music to my ears!!!

When that got old, I saw that the weather had finally gotten good enough to let them go out. I couldn't get their shoes on fast enough, lol. Two weeks of rain has made us all a little stir crazy :) When Tom got home, we ended up heading out to the mall to get a tool, and it let us just get out of the house even more!! ((Yes - I had cabin fever a lot - can't you tell, lol)

Let's see... Oh - today's photo is of a cute moment of Liam drawing on his new drawer. He just looked so cute that I had to snap a shot :)

And I found the time to finish one final page for my Sweet Shoppe portfolio for May. I didn't get nearly as many pages done as I'd hoped, but I did get enough for 10 points!! And it was my first try - so I'm way happy! But more importantly - I love the pages I made! And that is what matters most for me!

First -- feel free to take a peek at my May Portfolio. I hope to do a few more of the challenges they have, but this is the one I'll get credit for (and a suh-weet coupon for!)


Onto my layout - and wow - do I love this one!! I said back HERE that I would be using the kit you see in that post. But the thing is - these photos are pretty dark. It was early afternoon - and cloudy on top of it. So all the photos have a very gray tone to them. And that kit is all bright and cheery. Lucky for me, Kristin did another rain-ish kit! It's more about sad moments (thus the name Bad Day Blues). And the colors of this kit are just spot on perfect for my photos!!!

Full credits can be found by clicking on the image!

Day 146 -- Look At Those Pearly Whites!

OH - I forgot to mention yesterday that me & the hubby hit our 4 month mark as non-smokers!! GO US!! YAY!!!

We had a busy day today :) Today was the boys 6 month dental check up. Last year, when they had their first visit, I had Tom's help. This time, it was all me. The ladies there were nice enough to do it one kid at a time, so I was glad for that.

They did so great with both the boys. Connor was up first - and the dentist started asking questions. I swear Connor gave her the look that we all think about when put in the same situation - why the hell are you asking me questions when you can plainly see that I can't talk!! Liam did even better this time! Last time, while he didn't freak, he also made things tricky (he wouldn't open his mouth, so she had to just make do by moving his lips around and hoping for the best). This time, Liam opened wide and let her go to work :) That's today's photo:

I had the hardest time choosing a photo today! I got some great one's from both! So here's a little collage. That top photo is of Connor's bottom teeth. See how one looks crooked -- that's because it's pushing up between the two baby teeth, causing the slightest wiggle of them bottom two teeth (the dentist lady said around his 6th birthday in November - we should see him losing his first teeth!).

But we're not done yet! After we were done, we went to McDonalds to have a very late lunch (it was already 4pm!). And after -- for being such good boys - they got to play in the toy area :)

Day 145 -- His Masterpiece

For Christmas this past year, my mom got those little doodle toys (the one's that you draw on it and then slide the little dealy on the bottom to erase and then start again). Well, those lasted only a few days before it was cracked. Then a week or two and a chunk was broken off. Up until finally one was garbage, and finally the other. It was a sad day with the drawers were gone (that how the boys refer to them - it's a two syllable word: "draw" and "ers").

So, yesterday while I was browsing around in Target, I came across a sale that I couldn't pass up. And I bought the boys new drawers. And not the cheap ones that my mom found (LOVE YOU MOM! lol) but the "Kid Tough" Fisher Price ones :)

Today's photo was a challenge over come by Connor!! The drawers came with little pictures on the front. One was of a simple stick-figure type house. Connor desperately wanted to draw one and couldn't figure it out. But something must have clicked cuz he excitedly showed me this! :D

I thought the circle in the sky was supposed to be a sun or cloud - maybe a tree with an unfinished trunk. But he informed me that it was a microphone. I have NO clue why - but hey, it's his picture, lol :)

Day 144 -- Closed Eyes All Around

Sometimes the best intentions don't result in that perfect photo!! Even with all my photoshopping skillz, I consider this photo beyond repair...

Dirty faces aside (I could have cleaned those up, but chose to leave the mess intact) the closed eyes are a disappointment. I nearly deleted these photos outright, unsatisfied with any photos I got today. But as I scrolled through, trying to decide which photo to use for today's photo - the one above kept creeping in my thoughts. Tramping down my OCD, I saw the lighter side of this photo. I know the eyes are closed, but look at those grins, lol. And having seen numerous photos of me as a kid (cute smile and closed eyes! Yeah baby!) I decided to again embrace the imperfections and use this one as today's photo!

And with that (you know I used the word photo 10 times in today's post! I hate repetition, but I don't feel like proofing it and rewriting it, lol. So just deal). Where was I? Oh - and with that, I end today's post!! See you tomorrow! XoXo! :D

PS: PHOTO!!! (I couldn't resisit, lol)

Day 143 -- Cuddle Kitty

Today was a good day for me! I have been struggling ALL week long to scrap something. I just had NO desire. I would lurk on my scrapbook sites, and just sigh with sadness. But yesterday, a new kit was released by Kristin, and I found the stirrings of scrapping desire raise its head. And after a few hours of photo searching (I was trying desperately to figure out what pics to use with a tropical kit when I've NEVER been anywhere tropical! I finally {accidentally} stumbled across some Multnomah Falls pics that worked PERFECTLY). After I found those, it was on! And yesterday, I pretty much finished up my page! I left it for the night just in case a good night's sleep brought about anything new (it really didn't).

But before I show you that -- Today's photo was of a cute moment between Kallie & Connor. I know, I know - a lot of my posts seem to be about Kallie, but you'll have to forgive me - she's new and interesting, and I'm having fun grabbing photos of these first days of family life with a pet :)

So this was today's photo:

It's cute and I had to choose that one! I just couldn't pass it up! But I can't leave off the reason why I grabbed my camera to begin with. The boys were all chillin' on the couch together, and I didn't think much of it. But something I saw made me pause and do a double take and then run for my camera....

Yep, that is Kallie all blah-ified, laying with Connor, lol. This cat really is laid back, lol.

AND!! I did promise a layout, didn't I? :D Well, as I said earlier, Kristin came out with a new kit. And it's got a tropical feel to it. It's fricking gorgeous, and would be SO perfect for those Hawaii pictures (that I don't have!). But I think it ended up working wonderfully with the photos I did choose - what do you think? :)

Full credits can be found by clicking on the image!

Day 142 -- Story Time

I hate reading out loud. I hated it in school, and I hate it at home. So, yes - I hate reading to my kids. At first it was because neither were interested in anything I was doing. As a baby, each child of mine just wanted to chew and gnaw on the book. A few months more and now they just wanted to have the pages turned over and over. Normal little boy behavior, I'm sure -- annoying all the same! Then, when they were older, they would sit down and maybe make it through half a book before wanting to be done. And once old enough to sit and listen, they either want the same dang book over and over and over (and fricking over!) or they wanted a book that would take about 40 minutes to read!

Yes - I hate reading out loud!!

LUCKILY!! I have a husband that doesn't seem to mind! He even does those voices that kids seem to love. He can make an ass out of himself and not mind, lol. And when I saw this little moment, I just had to have a photo to remember it by and I grabbed my camera and snapped this shot :)

Day 141 -- Boy in a Box

You know how kids always seem more interested in the boxes that toys come in, then the toys themselves? Well, my boys aren't any different! And the bigger the box - the more fun!!

I was busy working in the moving truck, organizing for garage sale, while still getting a box or two unpacked and organized. I came across one of those larger boxes (it's one of those that are as high as your bum. And if that's too vague - let's just say that it's about as tall as Liam).

I had just brought the box in, excited to find some of my clothes in it. I had taken an arm load out to be washed (it smelled like storage - yuck) and was talking with Tom about something. I knew Liam was curious about the box, so I didn't bother looking to see what he was doing. But Tom watched, and started laughing at something. So I turned around, and somehow, my little monkey had found a way to climb into the box and get in it!

That boy cracks me up sometimes, lol :) That's all for today!! See you tomorrow!! XoXo!! :D

Day 140 -- Yummy Fly

Are you one of those stupid, moronic drivers that can't stand when a person goes the speed limit, and lets them know this by riding their ass so close that one little tap on my break could send your effing nose up my tail pipe? My God - if you are -- grow an effing brain and slow down! And get off my ass while you're at it cuz I'm the type of driver that will slow down just to make you happy (mind you - I was going about 5mph over already. You riding my ass only makes me slow down to the actual, posted speed limit!).

Yes - I had a moronic driver tailing me on a 25mph road that is almost always stalked by cops because of the NUMEROUS kids waiting to get on the bus! And this asshat not only tails me, but actually tries to pass me in a dang turn lane. Needless to say my own private battle with road rage was lost as I made sure she couldn't pass me and then also made sure that I went 25mph the whole way until we went separate directions. (To be fair - I did speed up to my comfortable 5mph over after being stopped at a light, but when she didn't hesitate to ride my ass once again, I really had no choice but to slow back down to the speed limit).

I'm evil, aren't I, lol. I think a judge would give me anger management classes, and I know that would only piss me off. So that wouldn't work, would it, lol :P

OKAY! My venting session is over! Onto today's adorable photo!! Despite our efforts to keep the little buggers out, flies eventually make it into our home. And tonight, I got to see Kallie try (in vain) to catch one, lol. And my photo was of a moment when the fly landed in the lamp, and had Kallie spellbound as she tried to get to it.

So, that's it for today!! Please ignore what probably sounds like horrible driving. Trust me, I didn't do anything too stupid, lol. I exaggerated for my venting purposes :P And with that, I'm out!! See you tomorrow!! XOXO :D
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