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Friday, May 21, 2010

Day 133 - Do It Myself

I found that my baby is growing up! I'm not sure when he decided he was interested in doing things himself (and heaven forbid I even try to help - let alone DO it!). But I guess it was this week, because Liam is wanting to dress himself. I'll go to put something on, or do something for him - and he'll stubbornly tell me that he wants to "Do it myself!"

Yep - that's Liam putting on his pants - 100% by himself. I didn't even tell him which way it goes!! He had a hard time getting them all the way up and the waist ended up rolling inside -- but I just hugged him, saying "GOOD BOY!" and secretly fixed them so he wouldn't get mad at me and repeat that he was going to do it himself, lol :)

That's all for today!! :D See you tomorrow!! XoXo! :D

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