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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Day 122 -- Night Time Routine

Ahhhhh - a body sure does feel good after 12 hours of sleep!! Which I hardly ever get. Last night - I was so tired that I barely remember going to bed, lol. My poor hubby ended up being wired awake and I learned later that he didn't go to bed till 4:30am. Having no idea about this, and already getting his go ahead that I could sleep in and he'd get up with the kids -- I didn't think anything of it when he got up with the boys at 8:30am.

Needless to say he took a good long nap when I got up. And he passed out pretty early while watching the America history thing on History Channel (AWESOME show by the way - y'all should check it out!).

We did nothing today! It was a total lazy day after the long day we had yesterday! And that is fine by me!! I tried working on a layout today for Kristin's newest BEAUTIFUL kit, but I'm not done yet. I'm hoping to have it finished by tomorrow :)

Today's photo is of a regular night time routine that Liam insists on doing, despite our insistence that he knock it off, lol :) We do the normal night time stuff. I'll start with Connor and Tom starts with Liam. We each do our thing with each kid (singing, kisses, maybe a story, etc). And then we switch. Ni-nights are done and we sit down to enjoy a quiet evening, watching TV or doing whatever. And usually within the first few minutes, I see this:

The little stinker will open the door and come out saying a handful of different excuses. The first one is usually that he is poopy (which he never is, lol). Next is that he needs medicine for his eye (all the way back to THIS incident). After that (if he doesn't stay in bed) there's any number of things... He needs his nail clipped. He's got an owie (or twelve) that need something (bandaid, neosporian, kisses, lol). Sometimes he gets smart and won't open the door. Instead he'll find a way to turn on the light and then play for however long he's able to (basically until we finally hear him and put him back down).

Some nights are better than others, but he usually comes to the door at least once before staying in bed and going to sleep. And that's all for tonight!! See you tomorrow!! XoXo :D

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