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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Day 120 -- Keep It Up

Day two of the new me is going great!! I started today out eating an apple. It gave me energy - faster then coffee ever does. I knew it would - I just don't like tart things as a first meal. But that's okay! I'm excited about the coming changes :D

After Liam's nap - we headed back to the mall. We walked for almost an hour this time. And as a reward - we went to the park to let the kids play a little more (we were going to go to the play area in the mall, but it just felt nasty. There were tons of kids playing around there - and not a drop of sanitizer to be found. So I scratched that plan and headed out to find a park).

It didn't take long to find a park - it would have actually been a block or so away from the house that we originally hoped to move into (back in December). What didn't last long was the playing -- it started raining and we headed home soon after arriving. But not before I grabbed some photos -- my favorite being that of both my boys :D

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