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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Day 119 -- New Beginnings

I woke up today, feeling like it would just be the same as any other day - blah followed by some more blah. I would wish for something different - energy, for example, to do something, anything.... Well, someone going through the hardships of living with a former military man going through PTSD posted a link about the wives in that situation. You can read what I read HERE.

I was shocked at how much I felt like that was my life. Now - please don't get me wrong. I know that my emotional issues in home life is no way ALL my husband's fault. Puleeze! How ignorant would I be if I blamed my unhappiness on him. But I do see that a lot of the problems aren't just all from me (as I used to believe).

But it sparked something in me. The part about needing to remember to take care of myself. I am a caregiver type - and I rarely worry about myself. Soooo....when I went to the mirror to see how I looked, I was floored by how much I had let myself go! I knew I needed to work on some stuff (weight being number one) but dang! I think quitting smoking did affect my weight. I didn't start eating more ... but maybe it messed with what metabolism I did have (I really don't know - but I have gained some weight over the last three months since quitting and that is NOT okay!).

So, today I started the process towards my new self!! After Liam got up from his nap, I finally did what I've wanted to do for a while now. I grabbed the stroller and headed to the mall where we spent the next 30 minutes walking as fast as we were able around the levels. I would have done more - but it was dinner time and I had to get home.

On the way home, Tom called and asked me to stop at the store for some stuff. So I decided to grab some things for me. Apples for the morning (to give me SOMETHING since I'm the kind of person that doesn't ever eat breakfast). And instead of getting cereal that I would pile sugar on, I grabbed some trusty corn flakes and then bananas for the sweet! Also - when I got home, instead of getting more coffee (crammed full of sugar) I grabbed some water.

Today's photo -- the one I wanted to show...well, I'm keeping that private for now. I'm a shy girl and I hate being judged. The photos I grabbed this morning (the one's I nearly deleted) those will mark the "BEFORE" for this journey. Once things are rolling, I'll feel more comfortable showing this before photo - but right now, it IS me - and I can't bring myself to show it. So in it's place is one from the mall. It's kinda blurry, but that's cuz we were on the go and having fun :)

So with that said -- I'm calling this post done! Wish me luck!!! :D XOXO! See you tomorrow!!! :D

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