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Monday, May 10, 2010

Day 116 -- Building Blocks

Well, I'm ending this day later than I hoped. Just a few minutes shy of 1am, I had hoped to be in bed a couple hours ago. But the scrapping bug bit tonight, and I didn't wanna stop until I was done - and I just posted my layout in Lyndsay's CT forum, so I am quite happy! I can't show you tonight - sorry!! The kit isn't due out until the weekend, so I've got a couple days till I can show you :)

I got a hold of an old friend tonight too. Liz from my Coffee Brat days :) I still can't believe sometimes that that life was a decade ago, lol. I miss it a lot actually - there was something free and invigorating about that life... But that was a different chapter in my life. And I'm SO okay with that cuz I have my family - and that is what I live for now :)

Speaking of family - Connor got to play with his new blocks today. Well, they're not new. They were actually mine as a kid. I just finally found the box they were in and put them in his room :) He was quite proud of the car he made and wanted to show it to me. I grabbed my camera - thinking a good photo of Connor was due! And I'm quite happy with the shot I got :)

I know he's got kinda a goofy grin - but that's part of his personality, and I won't leave a photo out just cuz he's being a goober, lol :) Anyhoo -- that's all for today!! See you tomorrow!! :D

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