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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Day 114 -- Gettin' A Hair Cut

I got to sleep in today!! Ahhh heaven, lol. My neck is still all crinked, but I'm kinda used to that, so I just deal as best as I can. Being able to take a muscle relaxer last night seems to have helped - so here's to a stress free weekend so that I can be healed :)

Shortly after getting up - I got ready to leave so that we could go. First a little lunch; we don't splurge ever, so it's always nice when we can (yes, Tom's job is still going strong!) We went to the best place around - Burgerville!! :) It's a local burger joint that anyone living here just loves (and if you don't love it *ahem* Marie! -- that just means you're not from here!!) :D

After that was the purpose to getting out and about -- it was time for the boys to get a hair cut! Liam's hair was long over due - so it's a good thing we could finally afford a hair cut, lol. And Liam - the kid that acted like the world was ending when he gets his hair cut -- this kid did amazing!! He was a little unsure at the very beginning, but never did he cry. The only reason why he would pull away was simply because it tickled, lol. And smiles - he smiled through out the whole thing!

He kept doing this little smile that I rarely see, yet love so much. He keeps his lips together, and smiles that way - scrunching his cheeks and now up. His eyes smile too. Well - he kept smiling like that during his hair cut - and my photo of the day was one of those smiles :D

And because I'm a sucker for sharing photos, lol -- here's what I meant about "end of the world" with Liam and hair cuts:

Oh, and I dug into Kristin's newest kit today! Since I was a zombie last night after taking my muscle relaxer, I never got anything done other than downloading the kit. Well - today I spent most of the day on a layout I ended up not making. I just didn't like the kit for it. So I saved my progress on it and decided to use a different kit for it later. I did start a new layout - and I think it'll do well. I got the photos and papers all done. So I'll see how tomorrow goes with the element decorating :)

That's all for today!! See you tomorrow! :)

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