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Monday, May 3, 2010

Day 111 -- Growing Up Fast

Today was long...and sucky, lol. Nothing really bad happened - I just felt blah all day.

I did try to win some Lilith Fair tickets through our local radio station, and my dang phone UGH! I'm not sure what Cricket (the company we have our phones through) - I'm not sure what they have against me letting the phone ring forever if I choose too - but they won't let me. So let's say - by some miracle I get through on the call in for a prize on the radio. Y'all know how hard that is, right?! I mean - that busy signal starts to drone in your head after the first 10 tries! And then - omg, that's a ring! And another ring! You actually made it through - so that means you actually have a chance at winning!! BUT - my lovely Cricket company lets me know after about 8-10 rings that "The Cricket customer you are calling is not available or no longer in service. Message 20" and then flipping hangs up on me! ARRRRGGGGHHH!!! SO frustrating!! Was I gonna win - I have NO clue. Would I have liked to have had the chance - you betcha!

Oh well, lol. I'm not gonna dwell. I chatted with the radio host chicka (she picked up to let me know that a winner was found already). So that was fun :P

We went to my inlaws for dinner. And I got to see Payton walk!! Sure - it was only one step and then down on her tushie she went - but YAY!!! :D And that was today's photo!! :) See you tomorrow!! XOXO :D

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