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Monday, May 3, 2010

Day 108 -- Liam's Turn

Seriously, my husband is having his period! Holy crap!! This weekend has been the worst ever! I don't know this jerk, I swear.... Ugh - I don't wanna go into it, but something crawled up his butt and died because he is being SO horrible! I'm just doing my best to stay on this thing (ie: my computer) and ignore him!!!!!

He helped me by going outside for a good portion of the day. Sundays he likes mow the lawn (and usually mows his parents lawn too). He also decided to wash his truck. And since it was Connor's Turn last time, it was Liam's turn this time :)

And in an effort to stay on my computer, I decided to do another layout with Kristin's gorgeous stuff. I saw this kit when it came out a last week, and LOVED it!! And I was SO thrilled to download and play with it. AND I am totally in love with the layout! It ended up being my therapy while dealing with Tom's PMS! If you read the quote on the strips - you'll understand what I mean about my therapy!

Full credits can be found by clicking on the image!

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