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Monday, May 3, 2010

Day 107 -- Heeee-Yah!!

Today was a .... horrible day. I can't really go into it because it's a little too private to put on to a public blog. My heart is hurting, and there's nothing that can fix it right now. Sometimes guys are just assholes and that's the end of it! We as women have our time of the month, and I'm a firm believer that every once in a while - a guy just has to be a dick, otherwise they might explode!

Moving on!!!!! >:|

With Tom outside doing whatever the hell he wants - I played with Liam. He wanted to play with one of my ace bandages, and I got the silly idea to put it on his head. After that - I got the even better idea to copy and old photo I had taken of Tom. One crazy (boring) day in Yuma, Arizona, Tom got creative with an ace bandage and did this:

So my scrapbooking brain took over and insisted I get a photo to match the craziness above, lol. Thus came what ended up being today's photo :)

Liam was saying "Hee-Yah!" under that bandage, lol :D So even though today was absolute s**t, at least there was a moment where I smiled! :)

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