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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Day 102 -- I Will Kill You With My Mind!!! :D

Today was... well, in a word -- today was fantastic!! Even when it was a little sucky - I was still so beyond happy!! These kind of "happy & satisfying" days are way too far apart -- and too few of them as well!!

For all intents & purposes -- today sucks in a way that boring normalcy sucks. Get up with the kids. Take oldest to school. Deal with stinker butt toddler all day. Fight nap time. Do laundry. Try to find time to scrap.... Etc, Etc, Etc.

But that's what made the day so wonderful!! It was finally normal!! Tom was at work!!

Yep! You heard right -- he finally went back to work. No more "I'll start in a couple weeks" and then it never happens. Or "They'll give me a call for another interview when they're done with the other applicants" and then they never call. Nope -- none of that for he drove to work, set up his tools and spent the next 8+ hours working at his new job!

So with that going on -- that left me home with the kids! And what a blessing it was! The house was mine again - to rule as I see fit! No stupid TV shows, no hogging the couch, no intrusion on my days!! YAY!!!!

And today's photo is ... well, in a word - hilarious!! At least to me it is! I got that cute photo of Connor blowing the wisher thing (you can see that one HERE) and I thought to get one of Liam. I give it to him and start snapping shots. He never really gave me that "perfect" shot that I was hoping for - but I did get the "I'm gonna blow you up with my mind" shot, lmao!!

OH!! And get this - I had an AWESOME dream last night!! It centered around that CT call I applied for Kristin Cronin-Barrow, lol. I was so zoned in to it that when I went to bed last night, I dreamt about it, lol. I actually dreamed that I got on the team - and then woke up a little bummed when I realized it was just a dream, lol :) But in an effort to make something current using her stuff - I did finish up a layout using her kit around 11pm tonight :) I call it Brothers -- and I love it. It had started out as a turquoise layout to go along with one of the challenges over at Sweet Shoppe, but I ended up changing it around cuz the turquoise background just didn't work right :)

Full credits can be found by clicking on the image!

Okay -- that's it! I'm exhausted (and it's only 11:27pm, can you believe it!?) So I'm off to bed!! See you tomorrow!! XOXO :D

PS!! I just remembered a status I wrote on Facebook earlier and I had to share: HAHA -- so I went to the bathroom, and realized AFTER I sat that I was out of toilet paper. So I send Liam on a mission to get me a new roll. He runs off, heading to my bathroom, and I sit and pray he isn't in my nightstand, playing with my carmex or something, lol. He comes running back all proud - and proceeds to hand me two, tiny pieces of toilet paper, which he had pulled off the roll in the other bathroom, lol!! Just thought I'd share :P

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