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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Day 100 -- Music Man

Today was a great day!! First of all - I came across something that I just couldn't pass up! With Yari retiring, I decided that I wouldn't apply for anymore CTs and just take the extra time and scrap for me. Maybe find something challenges that I wanted to try - or use the kits I buy but never have time to use. Well, that lasted about two seconds because this morning I saw a CT call for Kristin Cronin-Barrow!!!! I have loved this girl for years. Her kits get cuter and cuter every week! And now - to have a shot to get to work with her kits - for free!! To have the honor of showing off her amazing kits every week would be SO amazing!!

So, after a brief hesitation (because no one wants to know the sting of rejection) -- and with the urging of my friend Jess telling me to "Push! Push! Push!" the send button on my application email.... I did it! I sent it off!! And as I said on my Facebook - so I will say it here:


Wish me luck!! I'll find out if I made it or not on the 14th!! And that day could not come soon enough! I'm so excited and nervous!! Oh I HOPE I make it!! :D

For today's photo -- I got more unpacking done. It's such a slow process - and I fear I may never really get it done. But I came across Connor's guitar. That was a constant promise I made to Connor when we decided that one way or another - we'd be moving at the end of January. I told him that when he had his own room, he would be able to play with his guitar all he wanted. Well, I finally found it and let him go to town!

I really loved watching him go to town on it!! I wish we could afford classes, because I just know that he's got an ear for music! Ah well - maybe one day soon!! :)

That's all for today!! See you tomorrow!! :D XOXO!!

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