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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Day 139 -- Rock-A-Bye-Kallie

Yay - today is the last day of Tom being home!! Tomorrow we resume the normal daily routine where he goes to work and I get the house to myself. Okay - I know, I know -- I have two kids...But being in charge (so to speak) for the day just feels great!! So despite having to be up early to take Connor to school - I am still excited to resume "normal" life :)

Today was just a ho-hum day. Watched some TV. Had some time outs. Petted Kallie. Went to bed (then got back up because Tom decided he wanted the neighbors to hear him snoring, forcing me to get up or kill him!). So here it is, 3:30 in the morning and I'm writing my daily accounting of what happened... But goodness - nothing happened today.

And today's photo kind of shows that. There was an adorable moment where Liam was cuddling with Kallie and singing every song he knew to her (those songs would be ABC's, Twinkle Twinkle, and Rock-A-Bye-Baby). It was cute - but it really shows off the Blah way we all felt all day long :)

And with that, I end this post. I really hope I can get some sleep. I have to up in a few hours!!! Wish me luck, lol :P See you tomorrow (aka - later today!) :D

Day 138 -- Playing with Kallie Cat

Yes - our family dynamic has definitely changed. Nothing huge - but Kallie is a new focal point, that's for sure. The kids can't get enough of her (no shocker there!). Liam especially will crawl around after her, lol. Not run - crawl :P

Today's photo was of a cute little moment where I found Liam and Kallie just chillin' under Connor's bed. I was a little saddened at Liam's closed eyes - but I just remember THIS post and the layout at the bottom of THIS post and smile. Life isn't always perfect, and embracing those imperfections will help my OCD with perfection lighten up just a little, lol.

And with that excitingly short post (yay me for keeping it simple, lol) I bid you all a good night!! See you tomorrow!! XoXo! :D

Day 137 -- Hey Mr. Ice Cream Man!

Today started out...horrible!!

Let's start at last night. We, being new cat owners, did the best we could to set up everything for Kallie and just hope for the best. And things seemed to be fine until around 3am when she just started meowing and wouldn't stop. I got up and was going to show her where the littler box was, but she darted away before I could and I just crawled back into bed. 4am came more meowing, and I had enough. I got up and was able to catch her, and I opened the back door and let her out. She's an outdoor cat (or has been for the last year with Kaci and them) so that's not the issue. But we were going to keep her in for the first couple days to get used to us before letting her out.

So this morning, around 7am or so, I was finally too nervous to sleep any longer. I just kept fearing that Kallie was hurt and/or scared and didn't know where to find us. So I got dressed and went outside, hoping to find her.....and couldn't. I did this over the next hour as the house slowly started to wake up. Around 8am, I asked Tom to get up with me and help me find Kallie. Without being mean in the slightest (morning grumpies and all that, lol) he got up and got dressed.

It seemed hopeless. I started crying and Tom hugged me. I guess it was us just talking that made her meow. I dropped down to my knees to get a better look under our neighbor wooden fence/gate thing - and sure enough, there she was! She wouldn't come to me, but I wasn't done yet. I ran to the house and grabbed the only thing I could think of - Tuna :) But it wasn't needed because by the time I was at the front door, Tom has Kallie cradled in his arms and was heading back. I think Kallie has chosen a favorite, lol :)

So that happened before I was even awake (on top of a night with horrible sleep!).

Today's photo - having nothing to do with that - was of a sweet little moment where the kids got to be spoiled the way kids should (and in a way that has been hard for us to do in the past). We heard the familiar jingle of the ice cream truck, and Tom booked it out the door. He returned a few minutes later with some treats for the kiddos!! And today's photo is of Connor enjoying his. Okay ... maybe "enjoying" isn't the right word, lol... "Posing" is more correct :P

And with that novel, I'm calling this post done!!! See y'all tomorrow!! XOXO! :D

Day 136 -- Hello Kallie

At the end of 2009, Scrap Orchard challenged us choose a slogan for 2010 and change our forum avatar to show it off. I thought about the coming changes (moving and hopefully quitting smoking) and I knew what my slogan would be: New Beginnings.

And I have found myself - over the last 5 months - thinking about that avi that I made. I have had so many new and exciting beginnings, that I can't help but smile, happy at all the changes that have occurred thus far :) And today was yet another new beginning for me and my family!!

Our friend Kaci called with a delima. Her and Dameon are moving at the end of the month, and the place they're going to either allows only one cat - or none (I never found out). And they have two or three. I know she got rid of her baby, Ninja! I was shocked about that. And they had one more cat that needed a home. She was a stray cat that just stuck around. A young one when they found her - they didn't have the heart to keep her away. And now they wanted a home for her that wasn't an animal shelter. We resisted for quite a while, but Kaci just kept praising her qualities. Apparently she's a super friendly cat, always tolerant of kids and is a master mouse hunter.

"Fine," Tom says, and I grin quietly :) "We'll take her, Kaci. Okay?"

Yep -- today we started the new beginning of family life with a pet. We've not gotten one before for the same reasons -- didn't wanna train a kitten and get that nasty cat smell. Didn't wanna pay the pet deposit. Just had a baby. Couldn't afford to feed ourselves, let alone a cat....But we're doing good, and it just seemed to be the right thing to do.

And so, please say hello to Kallie. We named her on the way home (trying out many names and coming back to Kallie after a while. Connor said the name though I can't remember for the life of me why he chose that name) :D

We also had a very lazy day today, and it gave me the peace & quiet I needed to finish my layout for Kristin's newest kit!!! I took on one of the challenges over at Sweet Shoppe to scrap about my name. And since my story is a little different than most, I had fun designing this page :)

Full credits can be found by clicking on the image!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Day 135 -- First Days of Summer

With eager excitement, Tom and I grabbed the new swimming pool and got it set up. Tom got the water started, and I hauled pans full of hot water from the sink (my brother did that for me, and it doesn't take much to take the bite off that freezing water from the hose).

The kids were dressed in their swim suits, and their skin covered in sun block. Then they came out and into the pool they went. Unfortunately, the flimsiness of the slide was just too much and Connor couldn't go on it without risk of breaking it (and thus breaking the whole pool). Liam on the other hand went down it over and over!

Since Connor was stuck to pretty much just sitting there, we brought out the boats and I sat down to keep an eye out as the boys played. Oh - and I was taking photos of course!!!

Today's photo is of a moment where Connor took over the little pool by laying down and enjoying a moment of peace (Liam pretty much dominated the pool by going around and around - and Connor always seemed to be in the way, poor kid, lol).

And if you thought I took a ton of photos - then you totally guessed right!! I snapped almost a hundred photos (of course). Here are some of my faves :)

AND!!! I got a layout done (finally!!) I've been tinkering with it all week. I'm not sure why this one irked me, but I just wasn't happy with it for a long time. I kept going away from it, hoping when I came back - inspiration would hit. And it never really did. I just pushed my way through my slumped and came away with this :D

Full credits can be found by clicking on the image!

Day 134 -- Walmart Trip

Yesterday we had some pretty hot temperature, and even I was feeling the heat, wishing I had a pool that I could dip my toes into. And guess what?! We aren't in an apartment anymore (one that says you can't use a swimming pool in their grass - not even for an hour!).

So, after dinner, we headed to Walmart and went pool shopping. I knew I was more interested in the plastic ones (not the one's that fold up and fit in a box, but stand up against the fence if you want it to). Add to that - there was a really neat one with a slide on it, and THAT is the one we got!!

Today's photo was a quick shot of us buying it. Connor would have been in the photo, but he was having too much fun hanging out UNDER it while Daddy paid for it :)

Day 133 - Do It Myself

I found that my baby is growing up! I'm not sure when he decided he was interested in doing things himself (and heaven forbid I even try to help - let alone DO it!). But I guess it was this week, because Liam is wanting to dress himself. I'll go to put something on, or do something for him - and he'll stubbornly tell me that he wants to "Do it myself!"

Yep - that's Liam putting on his pants - 100% by himself. I didn't even tell him which way it goes!! He had a hard time getting them all the way up and the waist ended up rolling inside -- but I just hugged him, saying "GOOD BOY!" and secretly fixed them so he wouldn't get mad at me and repeat that he was going to do it himself, lol :)

That's all for today!! :D See you tomorrow!! XoXo! :D

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Day 132 -- Welcome Class of 2023

So I just did the math so that I could title this post - and my brain still can't comprehend that my little baby will be a man in so little time. Okay - 2023 doesn't actually sound close. That sounds like a life time away. But then I have to remind myself that it's already 2010! Where has time gone!! I just turned 20 there other day - and here I am only a few months from turning 30...

And my baby... Oh Connor is growing so fast!! And today he finally got to visit his new school. And I got a bunch of information. One thing I'm SO thrilled about -- this school has all day Kindergarten (5 days a week). I was hoping for that -- he really needs the stimulation. He's such a smart kid, and being home just seems to suck the smart right out of him, lol :)

Today's photo was a quick one I grabbed before we headed back home (Connor was very sad to leave. And telling him he'll be starting here soon means nothing to him since he has no concept of time).

Day 131 -- Abra Cadabra!

Day one of Tom being home during the day. He got hurt yesterday - he strained/pulled the ligaments in his shoulder, and the stupid doctor told him he couldnt' work. We thought yesterday that it was just for the rest of the day. But he was sent home as soon as he showed up today - told that he would have to wait until is follow up appointment -- which isn't until the fricking 19th!!! Grrrr....

But, I think all will be fine!! His work doesn't seem ready to fire him over it - so hopefully this week will just pass fast and then he can go back as if he never left.

Today, Connor's school was hosting a free magic show. I was a little bummed by the low budget guy that they hired, but then remembered that he volunteered just to give the kids a happy treat. And boy oh boy - did he ever!! The kids just LOVE him -- Connor especially. His reactions were always so loud and happy, lol. I grabbed Liam & Connor and went to get a photo with the magician. I was a little irked that some kids jumped in, but oh well. You can see how excited Connor is and that's all that matters :)

Day 130 -- Case of the Boo-Hoos

Oh my Little Liam, you must be so confused sometimes. I know life was hard when you and I couldn't really communicate. And I know how much easier things got once you started using your words. But that pesky word "no" really gets to you. You have so much passion. Both for happiness and of course sadness.

You all must think that I have the worst kid - terrible twos and all that. But I assure you - it's cuter than it looks, lol. As you can see - there are times when we just see the funny side of life - and this instant Tom chose to share in Liam's woes by "crying" along with him.

I used to enjoy taking these sorts of pictures of Connor too, lol... Just remember - preserving memories with a camera is important - and it's vital that you capture everything. My goodness - capture those amazing firsts like crawling and walking. And for sure - grab those happy times like palying at the park or laughing with friends. But please don't ignore those tantrums and attitude moments - because those moments are important too. It's life - it's memories - and it all goes towards telling the story of *insert name/even here* :D

Stepping down from my soap box now!! :P Just get it all, will ya people!? I'm so tired of not seeing any cry baby pics :) Sometimes those are the best ones!! :)

Day 129 -- Attack of the Tickle Monster

So today was Mother's Day. And before you ask - no I didn't do anything special today. In fact - I even got up with the kids instead of sleeping in. BUT - I'm honestly okay with how my day went. I did have a couple moments where I got a little bummed that nothing more happened - but the day was actually really good, so I can't really ask for more :) I have two wonderful boys - both healthy and happy. And I have a loving husband (most of the time) who puts up with my mood swings :)

How could a girl ask for more (okay -- I could ask for more {Canon Rebel if you please} but I'm not gonna ask. I'm just gonna keep saving up my Swagbucks to cash in for Amazon cards and then I'll get my camera all on my own!)

Today's photo was a moment that made me laugh. Connor was in the bath tub, having a good time "swimming" and playing with the duckies and boats. And Liam was just chillin' with Daddy. But then, out of nowhere, the tickle monster attacked, leaving Liam breathless with laughter!! :) I can't wait to scrap this!! :)

AND I got another layout finished today! I know - I'm on a roll!! This one was for Kristin's newest kit Hot Diggity Dog (yes - think Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, cuz I sure do, lol) :D

Full credits can be found by clicking on the image!

Day 128 -- Payton Turns One!

YAY!! Payton turned one!! Well - not today exactly. Tomorrow is the official day. But today was her birthday party. EB had it at a park by Lake Vancouver. The weather was just gorgeous - and she had about a million people there, including the cousins from the north :)

First we have today's photo. I'm sure that messy babies exist - the one's that just mow (pronounced like "cow" lol ... I can't figure out how to spell it :P) ... Where was I? Oh yeah - I'm sure that there are babies out there that will mow down on their birthday cake with no care to cleanliness. My babies were not among those kids. And Payton really wasn't either. The parents tried to get her into it - making her hands smash half the cake. But she really didn't want much of it. And at one point - she gave a look that just cracked me up!

Will you just look at that scowl! LOL!!! :D She did that a number of times - usually right after her Dad would get in there and mess with her in one way or another :)

The day turned out to be a lot of fun. Cake and ice cream cones. Hamburgers and water gun things. The four older cousins got to play together - and I got to take photos! :)

I also finished up a layout I had been working on off and all all week. I started it over a few times - not sure what exactly I wanted to scrap about with this kit. In the end, I took some older (adorable) photos of Connor wearing some of my old broken glasses (the lenses weren't in them, fyi) :D

Full credits can be found by clicking on the image!

Day 127 -- Ian's Spot

Last year, my husband lost a family friend. Ian Walz was in Iraq when a bomb went off, killing 7 soldiers - Ian included. I didn't really know Ian. He and his cousin Dave lived next door to us when Tom first got out of the Marine Corps. Ian wasn't very talkative. I just remember him being in the background, quiet but nice.

It was shocking when we got the news that Ian had been killed in action. Up till then, I hadn't lost anyone over there. Friends of friends - yes. But no one that I personally knew.

Well, today they had a bench dedicated to Ian. It sits down on the beautiful waterfront. A nice place to come and sit and just remember. My friend, and Ian's cousin Kim, invited everyone to come. Tom had to work, so the kids and I went without him. Her camera was broken, so I took it upon myself to take photos for her. A lot of people showed up - I thought that was nice.

My photo today is the ribbon cutting part of the whole thing. Ian's mom is the one cutting the ribbon. The guy in Red... I think he said he was in some sort of military league that gets things like this bench done for families that want something in honor of a fallen soldier. And the other two guys are politicians I think (one was a mayor and the other a governor if I remember correctly).

I really don't have much else to say. I didn't know Ian enough to ever feel comfortable saying I miss him or anything like that. But it does hurt my heart that so many grieve for him, and I would give almost anything to take their hurt away....But I can't. So I have no clue what else to say other than .... Ian - you are missed by so many. I hope you can see that!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Day 126 -- Down by the River

We had a busy day today :) I had a Mother's Day breakfast with Connor at his school. I'm not big on the social school stuff, so I didn't really have that much fun. But Connor seemed happy, so I'm glad for that.

Then Tom got home a little early and decided that we needed to get out of the house and enjoy the beautiful weather we were having. So we headed down to the waterfront and let the boys throw rocks and just have a nice afternoon down by the river.

Today's photo is a sweet one I got of Connor. I asked him to take a few seconds and give me a smile, and this was the giddy photo I got :D

And please don't adjust your monitors -- Connor really is that pasty white, lol. The poor kid has never had eyebrows that show up and his lips always look like they have lipstick on next this his white skin, lol :) Just thought I'd warn you - you might need sunglasses when around him :P

And because y'all know I can never just show off one photo when I take 50 plus, here's a little collage I put together showing off the fun the boys had :)

Day 125 -- Liquid Sunshine

I'm not sure if other people call it this - but we have something here that people refer to as liquid sunshine. And it's one of the most beautiful things ever. Let's see if I can explain it.... Well - it really needs to happen in the late afternoon - when the sun is heading towards the horizon. Overhead is overcast - darkish because of those gray clouds. It's raining - but not hard. It would be misting I guess you could say. Basically - the rain is so light that you can't hardly feel it (if at all).

Then the magic happens. Because the the sun is so close to the horizon - it has the ability to peek through any cloud breaks a ways off. So now you have rain over head - and full sunlight off to the west. And with those harsh rays shining at you - it lights up all those little rain droplets falling down. You didn't really even know that it was raining until the sun lit it up!

I tried to photograph that... And failed. I would have experimented more if I had manual control of my camera, but I'm stuck with auto and guessing - and I didn't get anything that showed liquid sunshine. Not really anyways. One photo kinda showed it - but it's not great:

Just try to imagine that - only MUCH more vibrant and all around you like little pixies or something flying all around you. I always love it when this happens :)

But -- from the many photos I took, one neat one did happen when I got them all on my computer, and that is my photo of the day.

Isn't that neat!!?? I guess people try for rays like that all the time -- and mine was done by complete accident. I mean - you can't even see the rain in this photo (which is what I wanted to get, lol). But you gotta love a happy accident when you get one! :)

That's all for today!! See you tomorrow!! XoXo! :D

Day 124 -- Hiding From Brother

So the boys don't really understand the ins and outs of hide-and-go-seek (especially since Liam still seems to believe that if he can't see them, then they can't see him, lol). But that doesn't stop them from finding places to hide (sure - Connor helped Liam hide first before going to find him - but hey, they had fun so that's all that matters, lol).

Turns out - Liam & Connor found one of the funnest places to hide in (notices the wet -- dirty -- shoes on my nice clean clothes. Grrr, lol)

Day 123 -- Nap Time Woes

Some days just feel like the end of the world, don't they :) Well - if you were to ask my 2 year old, I believe he would let you know just how horrible naps can be when you want to stay outside and play.

Today's photo is of a little tantrum that Liam threw. I wish I had been able to video this, because a photo just doesn't show the tantrum he threw, lol. I told him his was time to take a nap, and the woe is me tears started. But so did the 'tude as he stomped his way into his room. But it didn't stop there. He proceeded to plop himself down on the ground where he angrily yanked off his sandals. Then he stood up and stomp-stomp-stomped his way out of his pants.

By now I'm cracking because it was just so melodramatic - and I've never seen him get half naked that fast before, lol. So I ran and grabbed my camera and snapped today's photo:

Oh the injustice of it all!!! How will he ever move forward from this travesty!? :P LOL!!! I'm a dork, but you knew that already, right? :P

I finished my layout for Kristin's newest kit!!! It's the busiest layout I've ever made, but I think it turned out good (and by busy - I mean the papers I used all have patterns. I usually use a solid paper for a background to give a calmer page - and allow one to focus on the photo(s) better) :D

Full credits can be found by clicking on the image!

Day 122 -- Night Time Routine

Ahhhhh - a body sure does feel good after 12 hours of sleep!! Which I hardly ever get. Last night - I was so tired that I barely remember going to bed, lol. My poor hubby ended up being wired awake and I learned later that he didn't go to bed till 4:30am. Having no idea about this, and already getting his go ahead that I could sleep in and he'd get up with the kids -- I didn't think anything of it when he got up with the boys at 8:30am.

Needless to say he took a good long nap when I got up. And he passed out pretty early while watching the America history thing on History Channel (AWESOME show by the way - y'all should check it out!).

We did nothing today! It was a total lazy day after the long day we had yesterday! And that is fine by me!! I tried working on a layout today for Kristin's newest BEAUTIFUL kit, but I'm not done yet. I'm hoping to have it finished by tomorrow :)

Today's photo is of a regular night time routine that Liam insists on doing, despite our insistence that he knock it off, lol :) We do the normal night time stuff. I'll start with Connor and Tom starts with Liam. We each do our thing with each kid (singing, kisses, maybe a story, etc). And then we switch. Ni-nights are done and we sit down to enjoy a quiet evening, watching TV or doing whatever. And usually within the first few minutes, I see this:

The little stinker will open the door and come out saying a handful of different excuses. The first one is usually that he is poopy (which he never is, lol). Next is that he needs medicine for his eye (all the way back to THIS incident). After that (if he doesn't stay in bed) there's any number of things... He needs his nail clipped. He's got an owie (or twelve) that need something (bandaid, neosporian, kisses, lol). Sometimes he gets smart and won't open the door. Instead he'll find a way to turn on the light and then play for however long he's able to (basically until we finally hear him and put him back down).

Some nights are better than others, but he usually comes to the door at least once before staying in bed and going to sleep. And that's all for tonight!! See you tomorrow!! XoXo :D

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Day 121 -- Fun at the Zoo

Today was a long WONDERFUL day - and it cannot be told with just one photo. Nor can it be told with a collage of photos. This one has to be told with lots of photos and a story :) My official photo of the day will be at the very end as my favorite photo of the day (even though - I have MANY photo, I decided that that one was my fave. It was a tuff choice though)!

We got up nice and early (what's new!) and got started with the day right away. We were going to the zoo, and I couldn't wait!! (I think Tom & I were more excited than the kids, lol).

We started the adventure with a little peek at an old train engine that they have set up in front of one of the museums next to the zoo. The boys enjoyed looking at that, but they were eager to see some animals (as was Tom and I!) :D

The line wasn't bad at all (last year it was three times that size) and I hoped that meant that the zoo wouldn't be so crowded. We got inside and decided to go opposite of what we did last year (we hoped that would make it less crowded - hoped that everyone would take the obvious route while we took the less obvious.)

First up was the beavers... or was it the otters. Ugh - I can't remember!! But he was stinking cute!! He kept swimming back and forth on his back, making the kids giggle each time he came close :)

Next stop was the sea lion. Liam got to see one up close -- he swam right in front of him twice!

And I got some cute posed photos :D Don't you just love it when kids are cooperative? :D I sure do!!! LOL :P

The penguins were all relaxing, so we didn't get to see any sliding or much swimming. But Connor did get to see one take a nice healthy poo right in front of him, lol. Mmmm - sounds yummy, huh? LOL

We moved onto the polar bears where they had a neat little size chart. I was able to get the boys and the whole chart before a swarm of people came in! Perfection! :)

And the polar bear was Connor's favorite (at least that's what he said at the end of the day) :D This bear was awesome though. He kept walking backwards, just a bobbin' his head :) It was cute :)

They had a little ice den photo op thing too :) How convenient that I happened to have a photo taking device with me!! Glad they thought of us mamarazzis!! :D

Next stop was a little birdy thing. You could get some sort of nectar/sweet stuff and let the birds eat (or is it drink) from you. Well - we didn't get the stuff, but we did walk through. I was snapping a photo of a bird (below) and Liam tried to grab him, lol. He flew off. When I asked Liam where the birdy went - he pointed and said "Up." :D

The indecisive sky once again covered up with clouds and started sprinkling a little bit, so we bundled back up (after having taken off our coats because we were way too hot).

We continued walking, looking at a few more things. We stopped by this wall that was covered in hand prints. Most of them swallowed up Connor's hands. And Liam really had no idea what was going on, lol.

Trying for photographic, I thought these would make an interesting background. And I might have been right if I could have gotten a better photo. I have serious and silly - but that's okay :) There were too many people who didn't feel like going behind me, so I just called it good :)

I was REALLY bummed when we finally got to the giraffes only to see that they were all inside and eating :( So this was the best I got :(

There was a really neat lizard though.

And the zebras were awesome!! I have no clue what the kids thought - I didn't stop to chat with them, lol. I was a kid for a moment saying "Oh cool! Look at that!" :D

The new lion area was awesome! They worked on this exhibit last year - and it was closed to us. So it was a real treat when we got there and it was like they had posed the lions just for us to see them :)

We stopped at a change donation thing -- the kind that you put the coin in and it goes round and round. The boys LOVED that!!

Oh look - another photo opportunity!! They must LOVE me!! This one was a Jeep that was also a window. And it made it like you were on safari - about to move out into the wild!!

One of the awesome things they added to the lion exhibit was a lot of the local information (local for the lions and Africa - not America, lol) They had these drums set up - and boy, did the boys love that!!

Liam really loved watching the Elephant. He was just mesmerized by everything!!

We stopped to eat and then take a potty break. While Tom & Connor were off doing their thing, Liam and I sat down for a bit. I whipped out my camera hoping for on of those perfect pics :) First I had Liam telling me about his finger. Not sure what was up - but he felt it was important, so I went along with it, lol.

Next came my opportunity to catch those baby blues! I got blue eyes - as well as silly expressions. But that's what makes Liam Liam - so that's okay :)

It got chilly again, so we put his sweatshirt back on. And when I refused to let him have his hood on (cuz it's not photographic, lol) he gave me this show of temper:

Next we headed to the train!! This was what Connor had been waiting for all day!! Notice - Liam got his hood on. Stinker, lol

Waiting for the train to move - we just chilled. I got some cute pics of the boys.

Liam tried to get more coffee (yes - he's got a liking for coffee, lol. And no - we don't let him drink it, but that doesn't stop him from stealing sips when I'm not looking, lol)

And we're off!!

Those reaction pictures are so priceless - especially Liam's, lol!! :) Here's some more during the ride...

There was a long tunnel at the end. Long enough - and with a curve - that you actually can't see a thing for a little bit. I wanted to get a photo of the kids and gave it a shot with Connor (but didn't have time with Liam).

The boys really loved the train. They wanted to do it again - but we told them we still had monkeys to look at!!!

Hey look - a monkey looking at a monkey, lol :P

On our way to the exit, we stopped by the bald eagle exhibit. I got a couple shots that I was semi happy with (I would have loved to have been closer).

Then I was told there was another one even closer. And wow - was it ever. Just on the other side of a tree. I went out of the viewing area and stood on a log and got these:

That was SOOO exhilarating!! I've never been so close to a bald eagle! He was just magnificent. I would love to see one fly some day!!

Finishing things up was yet another photo op - set up for mom's like me :D

Going home took us forever!! Every bridge to Washington was backed up for miles! 205 was backed up cuz some genius thought it would be awesome to close down two of the four lanes on the 205 bridge around 3-4pm on a Saturday! Idiot!! Friggin' IDIOT!!!!! It had traffic backed up for hours!! I have no clue what was wrong with I-5 - we didn't stay to find out. And our friends - knowing the mess that 205 was - decided to drive all the way down to the Bridge of the Gods. And THAT ONE was even backed up!! Something just didn't want people to go to Washington today, I'll tell you what!! But it gave the kiddos some time to nap :)

And now my photo of the day!! There was one moment on the train when I asked the boys to sit together so I could get a photo. There's just something about it that I love. I think it's because their bodies aren't posed by me at all - they leaned in themselves. Connor put his arm around Liam by himself. It just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy when I look at this photo :)

With that final photo - I will end my post! The day wasn't done for us. We ended up going over to our friend house for a couple hours, but this post was more about our awesome trip to the zoo!! I can't wait to do it again!!!! :D
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