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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Day 95 -- Mr. Moody

Liam and his terrible twos! Man oh man - life is a drama filled tragedy, that's for sure! At least it is when you ask him :) My photo - which wasn't going to be of him. It was actually going to be of Connor - but his ended up being blurry :( ... But out of nowhere - Liam throws a fit because I wouldn't let him get onto my desk to get something (duh!). And out comes this shot:

OH!!!!! And I had some fantastic news!! Last month, the digital scrapbooking forum Digi Scrap Addicts celebrated it's 1st birthday. And they had a little contest that I entered into. Best this - and best that. Like 30 categories. And I entered into most of them. The results were finally posted today!!! And I won in TWO categories!!! "Best Shadowing" and "Best Use of Template." and for those I won two $15 gift cards from the sponsors for each category. How awesome is that.

Oh - and the layouts I won with? Two of my faves of course:

This was the one for the contest I won HERE. And I'm so thrilled that it won for shadowing because I was actually trying for dramatic shadowing so that it would stand out in the Persnickety Prints contest - and would help me win. So not only did it help with that contest, but the extra attention to shadowing paid off for this contest as well!!!)

And I'm so happy this one won as well. I did this for a CT gig, and I was really sad that I was too late for my layout to be included in the CT advertisement. I had put so much time & energy into it - but that time took me past my deadline. (No I wasn't in any way shape or form in trouble for being late. I'm just kicking myself is all). But I love this one because I tried things I had NEVER tried before. SO MUCH BLENDING and SOOOOO many layers! It was insane!!! I put so many little touches in this -- and to have it win for this meant SO much!! The template is so basic (just the squares) so to have my hard work recognized meant a LOT! :)

And if you're interested in the other winners - you can read the results topic here: http://digiscrapaddicts.com/forum/showthread.php?t=13361

Whew!! That was a long post, lol. Not so much with the writing as with everything I had to share :) Fingers crossed that I can keep with my goal of shorter posts and keep it simple tomorrow! :D

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