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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Day 91 -- Brushin' The Teef

Ahh - the wonders of April Fools Day - a day I detest. I'm NOT a fan of practical jokes. I don't like laughing at someone's misfortune (most of the time anyways, lol - I do watch AFV after all, lol). But when someone sets out to embarrass, or hurt, or something like that - I can't see how that's funny. OH - like those fake lottery tickets where the person thinks they've won 10 grand. OMG - that one pisses me off every time! It gets to my heart... having lived for so long with next to nothing (money wise) it would just devastate me to have a joke like that played on me.

Wow - that took a depressing turn, lol. I guess I just don't like that people find humor in someone else's hurt/humiliation. I have more respect & empathy for our fellow man I guess :\

And now - onto something completely different! (Yep - that entire rant had nothing to do with my photo, lol. I was just annoyed to see how many people made April 1st into a day to hurt someone else! Ugh!) ANYHOO, lol ..... My photo for today is of my little booger showing me his clean teeth. I grew up with horrid teeth care, and my smoking habits didn't help. I'm left with a mouth of fillings - and I hate it!! And what's worse - the same horrible habits were becoming common place with our boys :(

To the rescue came Dad, as he developed an adorable new bedtime routine with them both brushin' theie teef! :P And this photo was right after - and I asked Liam to show me his teeth :)

I also finished a layout today! I've had this kit for a while - I meant to get something done a week ago (yeah - that didn't happen). But I'm in love with the idea I came up with. The kit is all about family - and I have only a few family photos. I wanted to use a photo of a family picture Connor drew, but couldn't find it. Then this idea for journaling came into my head: "Family photos aren't something you see in our house." And the rest of it just fell into place :)

Full credits can be found by clicking on the image!

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