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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Day 90 -- Balancing Act

I'm gonna keep this another short post! I'm just totally stoked to have made it three months into this Project 365 thing - so I wanna get this post done and get ready for April!!! :)

Today's photo comes compliments of Liam and his determination to balance a car on the tip of a little measuring spoon (one of those 1/2 tsp ones). He tried for a very long time, and then - suddenly -- it was balanced!! It fell of course, but that didn't deter him! He just picked it back up and balanced it again. It was almost like once he figured it out - it was no biggie! :)

And so I grabbed a photo of him, carefully balancing that car. Notice the intense concentraion on his face -- if the tongue doesn't say "easy.....steady....eaaasyyy!" -- I don't know what would, LOL!

And with that exciting post, I bid you adieu! And yay to anyone still going strong in P365! Three months down...9 more to go (did I just hear a collective "UGH!" LOL) :P

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