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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Day 83 -- DIY Pantry

Today was an awesomely productive day!! Lemme tell you why. You see - we're STILL moving in. There are still boxes (full of stuff) through out the house. Don't even get me started on the truck. Thank goodness my inlaws OWN an old moving truck because I don't know what we would have done if we had had to rent.

So today -- I decided it was time to get the kitchen in order - make it more usable. The amount of storage in this kitchen is laughable! I have a total of three drawers - two of which are deep DEEP drawers (so not very practical for utensils - more for dish towels). So that leaves me one drawer for utensils. There's no drawer under the stove - so pots and pans have no place to live. There are some cupboards - but not many. And some of the biggest are big because they're at the corner -- meaning I have some space that goes way back into an area that I can't easily reach (or even see - on the top shelves). Here soon -- I'll get a photo of it (when it's clean, lol) so you can see).

So the point? The point is - I have NO place for food. I used to have a walk in pantry, so I'm used to having a place other than cupboards for food. So today I unpacked some boxes in the kitchen and dug out some shelves in the truck and created myself a little pantry area. I utilized a spot in the kitchen that is pretty useless (a kitchen table won't fit because it would block either the door to the laundry room or the master bedroom).

Doesn't that look pretty!!! I'm so happy with my handy work for the day! :P OH! But I did make a mess today too, lol. We moved in just a tad early for our landlords - and one wall in our bathroom was still undone. All that was left was texturing and then painting. He offered to do it, but Tom (not asking me) told him we'd do it... Yeah - it's was still undone - until today!

I grabbed the can of texture spray that had been sitting in the closet since we moved in and went to work....and promptly stunk up the entire house - BAD!! It had the smell of spray paint. I tried to air it out using all of our fans and opening the doors, but it wasn't working. Then I tried again to see if our bedroom window was openable -- and I finally just realized it was locked (I thought it was sealed shut - we have weather windows on the outside - and I thought our window was sealed shut to keep the cold out). Anyhoo -- I quarantined the bedroom and aired it out all evening - it smells fine FINALLY.

But at least the texture is on the wall. And it's ready for paint... I went to grab that and discovered the landlord guy didn't leave that. *sigh* I have a feeling that wall may never get finished, lol.

Okay - I'm tired and need to get to sleep!! I'll see y'all tomorrow! XOXO :D

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