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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Day 82 -- Washing the Truck

Today was a fun day - just relaxing and productive. We had some gorgeous weather, so Tom decided to wash his truck while Liam was taking his nap. He had Connor help him, and it was so fun to watch them working together. Connor washed the hub caps and even rinsed them off all by himself. (I remember being stuck washing the dumb hub caps - I always hated that, lol. Connor didn't seem to mind though).

That's today's photo. Connor rinsing off his handy work! See his tongue, lol -- that's what he does when he's concentrating hard, lol :)

So that's it for the day :) Oh - things are going great with the contest. Lyndsay, amazing sweetheart that she is, posted a heads up about it on her fan page on Facebook (she's got nearly a 1000 fans!). My vote count shot up within the hour. I'm still behind one girl, but I'm hoping that with all my friends' help - I'll at least place 2nd or 3rd :)

Fingers Crossed!! :) See you tomorrow! :D XOXO!!

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