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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Day 77 -- Celebrating Irishness!

Guess what!!! Tom might have gotten a job!! Oh - you didn't know?? Yeah - my hubby's work has been in stand by mode since fricking October (lovely, ain't it - not!). And he's been on the hunt for a new job ever since. He picked up looking when his job - which had promised things would pick up in January - pushed things back to February. Then March. Now April!

Well - his many MANY days of job hunting, application sending, and interview taking has finally paid off! And if all goes well, he'll be starting his new job in a couple weeks!! Take that unemployment!!!! :D

Today's photo is something I meant to do yesterday and forgot. In honor of my favoritest holiday, I wanted to get all artsy-fartsy by photographing a clover :)

I'm really happy with how it turned out :D What do you think?? And with that - I'll leave you with my traditional saying - see you tomorrow!! :D

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