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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Day 75 -- Happy Boys

Oh must vent!! Lyndsay just put up a new kit for us CT girls to work with. I've been working all evening - and I was actually LOVING my layout. Well - I was playing with different ways to edit colors for things and my dang program froze and crashed. And I'm SOOOO kicking myself - but I hadn't saved since early in my creative process. All I had was a background page chosen, and nothing else! Ohhhhh... I'm just sick about it!!

I did some of the quick background stuff I had done (because it was done by blending more than one page and I didn't wanna forget what I had done) but I didn't do anything else. I need to get away because the thought of doing anything more (that I had already done) makes my head hurt, lol.

I am partial to the Facebook status I wrote right after though:

**Shaking Fist Towards The Heavens**
Okay - my little melodrama is done... Just had to get that out, lol :D

Moving on!! Today I got one of my favorite kind of photos!!! My precious little boys now totally pose and hold still for me! And I got this gem of a photo because of it :D

SOOOO cute!!! :D I love those smiles!! That's all for today! See you tomorrow!! XOXO :D

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