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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Day 61 -- Water Baby

Is it tomorrow yet?? Because seriously - this wait to be back online has now entered the crazy zone!! I'm so tired of waiting - I'm beyond excited! UGH! I wish it was the 3rd already!! Cuz then I would be doing this online! Yeah baby!!

So today was just your normal, run of the mill day :) The kids played. Ate. Slept. All that normal stuff. And to end the day on a fun note, I let Liam take an extra long bath -- the kind that makes the tosies all pruney, lol :) I love how he says bath time -- it comes out at "baff time" LOL :)

And that's my photo -- a cute little cheesin' photo of Liam in the baff tub :D

And with that, I end what I hope to be my final P365 entry in a text document!! I shall see all you wonderful people anon!!! YAY!!!!! :D XOXO!

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