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Friday, April 2, 2010

Day 55 -- Imagination

Happy Birthday Jenny, wherever you are :D Can you believe we're almost 30!! Crazy stuff, huh? lol :)

Today was so blah for me. I got up with the kids and then couldn't seem to stay up. I changed Liam and gave them breakfast, but that was about it. The rest of the time I was a zombie on the couch :( Eventually Tom got up, and that gave me freedom to pass out - which I did. Even when I did finally get up, I didn't want to (this was a little past noon!). I hate days where I can't wake up no matter what I do :(

But on a high and exciting note -- today is one month since me & Tom quit smoking!! Go us! :)

Today's photo was a little moment I captured at the end of the day. Connor & Liam have started playing together more. And I mean more than just pushing cars around and sitting next to each other. I mean pretending - with structured stories full of imagination! I LOVE little moments like these!!

This one was Connor & Liam doing the night time routine. Connor was being Daddy - reading to Liam before bed. Then he would cover Liam up and leave the room, saying good night, turning off the light and closing the door. A few seconds later, giggles would ensue as one or both headed to the door. The light would come back on, the book would come back out, and the whole thing would happen again. This happened quite a few times before they moved onto something else :)

OH!! In case you were wondering... That weird little light patch on the top of Connor's head?? Yeah - that would be him once again attempting to cut his own hair. I'm not sure why the light bulb has been turned off for him on this subject, but he keeps cutting his hair!! It's really starting to irk me!! Scissors or clippers - if he finds them, he'll use them. Not daily or anything - but with enough regularity that I'm pissed about it. So yeah - there's his little bald patch in all its glory! :) I never fix these things - if he wants to mess up his hair, then he'll have to live with it (I think that threat works better on girls, but I'm stickin' to my way of things, lol)

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