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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Day 98 -- Ready For Ni-Night

So a couple weeks ago - hope was finally blooming in my heart that this whole "living the poor life" was nearly at an end. Tom was going to start a new job in a couple weeks - and I was thrilled! Then, surprise-surprise -- something happens and apparently my husband doesn't have a job. That's why I never get hopeful - because the hurt is so much more powerful when hope is involved and things don't go the way you hoped...

Well, this morning, out of the blue - the guy that had interviewed him and offered him a job (and then said never mind about that job) -- well, he called and asked Tom to come into a second interview. No - the company wasn't shut down (that's what I was told was the reason why he wouldn't be starting work. That they had to close up shop). I guess they just simply moved buildings. Not sure why someone didn't say that last week - but I'm not complaining because shortly after his 2nd interview, he called me saying he starts on Monday!!

And on a totally adorable note - today's photo :) Okay - it's adorable to me, the mommy of the adorable toddler :) With Connor at school, and Daddy at his interview, it was just me & Liam. And without those distractions, Liam is able to just play alone and let his imagination take over. Today it took him to taking care of his monkey :) First he gave him a bath, then meticulously dried him, and finally he covered him up and let him take a nap. He looked so incredibly proud, and I'm sure I mirrored his prideful look since I was just in awe of my little smartie pants, lol. Not a HUGE accomplishment to some - but a moment worth treasuring for me.

OH!! And I can finally show you the awesome layout I did with Lyndsay's new kit!! She finally did away with the pinks and did a boy kit! YES!!! :D

Full credits can be found by clicking on the image!

Day 97 -- Attack of the Tickle Monster!

Today was fun. Tom let me sleep in (again -- not yet sure if I should be thankful or feel guilty, lol) and then I spent pretty much the whole day working on a layout for Lyndsay's newest kit. I wasn't sure if I was going to get it finished in a timely fashion - or if I would even like it. But once I was done - as is the norm: I LOVED IT! :) It's so awesome when that happens...

Hate it, hate it, hate it, wanna give up, wait maybe it'll work, maybe, maybe, maybe, okay I'm liking this, yep, yep... Oh heck yeah, I love it! ALL DONE! :D

That lovely (depressing) set of emotions is something I feel with nearly every layout I make, lol. I think the perfectionist in my is just too hard on me. She really needs to lighten up and just let the creative side flow out of me (with less stress, thank you very much!) :D

I can't show you the layout today - but you better believe I'll show you it tomorrow!!

Onto today's photo. It was nearing bedtime with the horrible tickle monster struck!! It left no one safe. My poor little boys were the first to be attacked! There were so many screams - I was left acting as photojournalist to this event! I swear I saw my husband directing the monster, but I must plead the 5th (or whatever it is when you don't have to testify against your spouse) LOL!! I know - I'm a dork! But then - I never said otherwise :P

And with that momentary dorkiness escaping through my fingertips, I bid you all adieu! Good night my fellow bloggers! See you tomorrow!! XOXO :D

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Day 96 -- Celebrating 8yrs

Is it possible? Can it really be true?? Did my hubby and I just reach eight whole years together as a married couple? By golly - I think we did!! :)

Yeppers - it's true. My husband and I have now officially been married for 8 years (and next month, we'll have been together for 9 years!). And how, you might ask, did we celebrate this wonderful accomplishment? Going to dinner? Maybe a movie? Oh I know - a romantic weekend getaway!!

Yeah - let's just say it's none of the above. And while I'm not one that needs these sort of things... doing something other than lounging around, cleaning dishes and breaking up fights over puzzle pieces is just not my idea of celebration... But alas - such is the life of parents when one's own parents cannot take the little monsters for more than an hour or two. So instead of celebrating out and about, we just had a simple day at home with the kiddos. We shared a couple of kisses and said I love you a lot :)

Tom also spent part of the day mowing the lawn. And we let the kids play outside, giving us some nice quiet inside (it was the only present we could give to ourselves, lol). Things were fine until I get told that Liam is all wet.

That's not a diaper malfunction you're seeing, lol. That would be the yellow thing you see right behind his head. Yeah - the hose. And next to it is the water spout for said hose - which Liam easily turned on and wasn't able to move away from before it was too late, lol.

Ain't life grand :D Happy Anniversary to us! Here's to many, many more :)

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Day 95 -- Mr. Moody

Liam and his terrible twos! Man oh man - life is a drama filled tragedy, that's for sure! At least it is when you ask him :) My photo - which wasn't going to be of him. It was actually going to be of Connor - but his ended up being blurry :( ... But out of nowhere - Liam throws a fit because I wouldn't let him get onto my desk to get something (duh!). And out comes this shot:

OH!!!!! And I had some fantastic news!! Last month, the digital scrapbooking forum Digi Scrap Addicts celebrated it's 1st birthday. And they had a little contest that I entered into. Best this - and best that. Like 30 categories. And I entered into most of them. The results were finally posted today!!! And I won in TWO categories!!! "Best Shadowing" and "Best Use of Template." and for those I won two $15 gift cards from the sponsors for each category. How awesome is that.

Oh - and the layouts I won with? Two of my faves of course:

This was the one for the contest I won HERE. And I'm so thrilled that it won for shadowing because I was actually trying for dramatic shadowing so that it would stand out in the Persnickety Prints contest - and would help me win. So not only did it help with that contest, but the extra attention to shadowing paid off for this contest as well!!!)

And I'm so happy this one won as well. I did this for a CT gig, and I was really sad that I was too late for my layout to be included in the CT advertisement. I had put so much time & energy into it - but that time took me past my deadline. (No I wasn't in any way shape or form in trouble for being late. I'm just kicking myself is all). But I love this one because I tried things I had NEVER tried before. SO MUCH BLENDING and SOOOOO many layers! It was insane!!! I put so many little touches in this -- and to have it win for this meant SO much!! The template is so basic (just the squares) so to have my hard work recognized meant a LOT! :)

And if you're interested in the other winners - you can read the results topic here: http://digiscrapaddicts.com/forum/showthread.php?t=13361

Whew!! That was a long post, lol. Not so much with the writing as with everything I had to share :) Fingers crossed that I can keep with my goal of shorter posts and keep it simple tomorrow! :D

Day 94 -- Choco Bunny

Real quick before I dig into this post -- the title of this is pronounced "Chalk-Oh" bunny - short for chocolate :) That was Liam's name for what they munched on for Easter :)

Today was emotionally draining. I won't go into the details because it's something I hope to forget with time. So there were no photos from the awesome Easter egg hunt we had. There's video - but it's not digital, so I can't share that.

But what we did get photos of were the mess that the boys created when they dug into their chocolate bunnies (which we weren't going to get them, but somewhere along the way - Liam heard about them. And in this adorable, angle eyed way - he sweetly asked "choco bunny?" *groan* How can you say no to that?!)

So they made a HUGE mess -- and I giggled the whole time, taking a ton of photos of course. One of the earlier photos (but one of my faves):

They actually chose not to finish these. They went into the freezer for safe keeping. And the kids were put directly into the bath where they were scrubbed clean, lol :)

All in all - it was a decent day. And with that - I'm winding this up. See you tomorrow!! XOXO :D

Day 93 -- Early Easter

My brother-in-law and his family came down today, so it was decided that we would do an early Easter celebration - complete with dying eggs, an Easter egg hunt, and a fabulous dinner :) Everything went great (as you can see from the collage I put together below). But what I loved the most (this is the photographer in me speaking, lol) was the photo I got of the cousins.

It was suggested by the kids themselves that I should get a photo of them together. The result was the group of the four of them in the collage below. But that wasn't good enough because we were missing little Payton. The photo wasn't complete until she was in it as well. So we headed to the living room where I prayed I could get at least one good one (or enough that I could Photoshop them into that perfect one).

But not Photoshopping was necessary as I got home and looked at my photos. I managed to grab three of the whole group before they were done and wouldn't hold still any long. The first two are cute - but you have the normal moving, looking the wrong way, awkward posing and closed eyes. Totally expected with a group photo of kids.

But the third one. Ahhhhh, that third one was like a gift from God, lol. I can't make it any better than it already is!! Other than a better background (and a slight boost in exposure - which I did do in Photoshop) I wouldn't change a thing! It's SOOO perfect - and it's my photo for today.

And as mentioned above, I did up a little collage of some of the other cute photos of the day. When you do so much - it's just impossible to choose one photo for the day :)

That's it for the day!! I'm hoping our own Easter tomorrow goes as well! It will be the first Easter in this house - and I can't wait to hide the eggs in our big yard! See you tomorrow!! XOXO :D

Day 92 -- Chillaxin

Lazy Fridays -- with no drama, stress, or any kind of BS is a favorite of mine! Heck - it doesn't even need to be Friday :) Today's photo represents that sort of laid-back-ness :) I don't have much to say today, so I'll just post the photo and call it good :) See you tomorrow!! :D

Day 91 -- Brushin' The Teef

Ahh - the wonders of April Fools Day - a day I detest. I'm NOT a fan of practical jokes. I don't like laughing at someone's misfortune (most of the time anyways, lol - I do watch AFV after all, lol). But when someone sets out to embarrass, or hurt, or something like that - I can't see how that's funny. OH - like those fake lottery tickets where the person thinks they've won 10 grand. OMG - that one pisses me off every time! It gets to my heart... having lived for so long with next to nothing (money wise) it would just devastate me to have a joke like that played on me.

Wow - that took a depressing turn, lol. I guess I just don't like that people find humor in someone else's hurt/humiliation. I have more respect & empathy for our fellow man I guess :\

And now - onto something completely different! (Yep - that entire rant had nothing to do with my photo, lol. I was just annoyed to see how many people made April 1st into a day to hurt someone else! Ugh!) ANYHOO, lol ..... My photo for today is of my little booger showing me his clean teeth. I grew up with horrid teeth care, and my smoking habits didn't help. I'm left with a mouth of fillings - and I hate it!! And what's worse - the same horrible habits were becoming common place with our boys :(

To the rescue came Dad, as he developed an adorable new bedtime routine with them both brushin' theie teef! :P And this photo was right after - and I asked Liam to show me his teeth :)

I also finished a layout today! I've had this kit for a while - I meant to get something done a week ago (yeah - that didn't happen). But I'm in love with the idea I came up with. The kit is all about family - and I have only a few family photos. I wanted to use a photo of a family picture Connor drew, but couldn't find it. Then this idea for journaling came into my head: "Family photos aren't something you see in our house." And the rest of it just fell into place :)

Full credits can be found by clicking on the image!

Three Months Down!!

Just a quick little note to say YAY - 3 months down!!! :) As I was uploading some pictures for April, I noticed how Picasa makes a neat little grid with the photos. I thought that would be neat to see all the photos so far like that - so..........

I like seeing them all like that :) NOW!! Onto April!!!!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Day 90 -- Balancing Act

I'm gonna keep this another short post! I'm just totally stoked to have made it three months into this Project 365 thing - so I wanna get this post done and get ready for April!!! :)

Today's photo comes compliments of Liam and his determination to balance a car on the tip of a little measuring spoon (one of those 1/2 tsp ones). He tried for a very long time, and then - suddenly -- it was balanced!! It fell of course, but that didn't deter him! He just picked it back up and balanced it again. It was almost like once he figured it out - it was no biggie! :)

And so I grabbed a photo of him, carefully balancing that car. Notice the intense concentraion on his face -- if the tongue doesn't say "easy.....steady....eaaasyyy!" -- I don't know what would, LOL!

And with that exciting post, I bid you adieu! And yay to anyone still going strong in P365! Three months down...9 more to go (did I just hear a collective "UGH!" LOL) :P

Day 89 -- I'm Hiding

I find it hilarious that children have the mind set that "If I can't see them, they can't see me!" LOL!! I don't know when that changes - and they start to fully understand the way eyesight works and that a couple hands over your eyes don't make you invisible to the world :P

Liam, I'm pretty sure, still thinks he becomes invisible when he hides his face. So when I found him getting into the linen closet, acting like he was hidden - it totally made me giggle. Here was my little boy - his whole body hanging out, hiding his face into the blankets like it was all some big game :) He was also putting his stuffed animals up there - I still haven't figured that out yet. He does it every now and then :P

That's all for today!! How did I do on shortening my posts?? Pretty good, I think :P See you tomorrow!!! XOXO! :D

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Day 88 -- And The Winner Is.....

Today was crazy!! I mean - from the moment I got up (6:52am thanks to a little stinker butt!! lol) until now, as I finally wind down and write this. You know about yesterday, and my late night efforts to find some votes. Let's just say that my efforts on myspace totally paid off!! I had tons of friend requests as my friends asked their friends to help me (and their friends, and their friends, lol) and then tons of replies telling me they had voted for me!!

I swear it never slowed down after that (well, it did for a couple hours - but we'll get to that, lol). I proceeded to work more on myspace, asking -- no, begging! -- anyone that would listen to please PLEASE vote for me. Back to Facebook -- I did the same thing there. Out comes my friends, asking all their friends for help. Danielle, Regina, April, and a couple other people that I don't really even know - but they helped anyways. They all begged - all day long, lol.

Time actually flew in the evening, as the contest neared the end. I was sitting pretty in 2nd place, feeling confident that no one would sneak up and push me down to 3rd. I had hoped to maybe even take over 1st place, but that Julie girl (the person sitting in first place all week - I don't think I mentioned her name until now, lol). Well - she had friends coming out of the wood works as well, voting for her - almost vote for vote. I'd get one - she'd get one. I'd get three - she'd get four, lol.

There was about 2hrs left, and I was still around 10-15 vote behind first place. I mentioned on Facebook that I was that close, and suddenly I was 9 votes away - and I stayed there. Julie didn't come back with any votes for once!

For the next hour, I kept begging, lol. Lots and lots. Danielle went nuts - taking some irritation in her own life and using that energy to help me find more votes. Soon I was 7 away. Then 5. And before I knew it - I was in 1st place by a vote and then two. But in that final hour of the contest, Julie came back with votes of her own! NOOOO, lol. I'm not kidding you - for the last 30-45 minutes of the contest - it was a dance. I'm ahead - then she is - then me again. Never by more than a couple votes either. And then suddenly, there's 10 minutes left, I'm just barely ahead, and she seems to run out of votes. Me and Danielle sit there - watching the time tick to zero. And as we wait, fearing that Julie would hit us with like 5 votes and take over the lead at the last second.

Then the site suddenly changed. The votes & comments were gone. Then they were back, but you couldn't log in. Then the main page announced the winner!

IT WAS ME!!! OMG!! Somehow, some way - in the final hours on this crazy, week long contest (which was nothing more than a personality contest -- he who has the most friends, wins!!) I was somehow able to take the lead and win by only 4 votes!! Well, 5 votes since 4 would have tied us!

WHEW!!! I got all giddy again just writing that, lol. So yeah - I won! And my photo for today?? Why it's the winning announcement of course, lol :) My entry was #27 - just in case you wondered :P

Time for some cheesy-ness, lol:

Oh wow - I just can't believe it. Uh well, I have so many people to thank. I hope I can remember them all... Um - well of course - thank you Shabby Miss Jenn - the sponsor for the contest, and the reason why I even decided to enter. Thank you Persnickety Prints for running such a fantastic contest, with such a great prize! Thank you, my amazing friends - without which I would have never won! Uh - Lyndsay for posting on her fan page. And Regina and April for spreading the word around Myspace. All my friends who I harassed for a week who finally got fed up with me and just voted already, lol. Every one of you who gave me praise and love and good lucks aplenty! And Danielle... Crazy, crazy Danielle. This girl went farther then me - pretty much threatening her friends and guilt tripping them into voting, lol! Girl - you are nuts, and I owe this win to you! This summer - okay!! :) And I know that I'm missing a few, and I'm sorry for that - but thank you all the same. From the bottom of my heart - thank you!!

**And exit stage left**

WHAT?? It's not every day that I win something like this - and it's not like I'll ever actually win an award that requires one of those thank you speeches, lol. Just let me have my fun, will ya!? :D

TeeHee!! That's all for today! See you tomorrow!!

Day 87 -- Gettin' All Clean

Head's up about the contest real quick -- So things are picking up. I'm pretty sure I haven't got a prayer for getting first place, but now I'm wondering if I'll be able to place at all!! I woke up today to see some friend begging had been taking place and I was in 4th place - falling towards 5th! So I pulled my ace and went crazy on myspace! It's on people, lol :) And guess what?! It's working!! I'm pulling back into this fast - and I'm STILL getting votes!! Wish me luck! I still have all day tomorrow - so there's no telling what will happen between now and then! :)

In an effort to keep things short today (it's been a long day with that contest - and tomorrow will be even longer I think, lol), I'll just say real quick that it was a good weekend. The kids had fun. They played hard -- and got dirty :) So today's photos was one of a happy Liam taking a bath :D

That's it for today!! I'm so worried that I'll wake up tomorrow and find that I'm in 10th place or something, lol :) Wish me luck for tomorrow!! XOXO! :D

Day 86 -- Childhood Innocence

Fun times today -- just a fun, relaxing Saturday with BBQs and playing outside! The kids had a great time running around and playing in the dirt :) Liam got his favorite - burgers & fries :) And I got a fantastic photo (I LOVE this one!!)

I think the only thing that could have made that photo better was if you could see the little wispy things (what the heck are they called, lol) -- see those flying away. You know - I remember as a kid, grabbing these and having so much fun blowing them. I'd try to do it in one breath - like a birthday cake. I think I even made a wish like a birthday cake :)

Yes - the innocence of a child never takes into consideration the consequences of blowing these neat little wispy guys around, lol. Now - as an adult all I can think about is each one of those buggers causing another unwanted dandelion to grow wherever it lands, lol. So let's just pretend like that won't happen - and we can go back to just enjoying the photo :)

OH - on a totally random note. The layout that I showed you HERE that I used for the contest I'm HOPING I can place in? Well - I used a template for that layout - and I emailed the template designer (Bre of BTA Designs) to show her what I made. Well, I got an email from her tonight asking if I wanted to be on her CT. Here over the last few days, I've been searching all over for any hint of a template designer in need of a new CT member (I even applied for a guest spot for what I thought was a template designer -- made the team for June -- only to discover that she's moved onto making kits. Grr). So of course - I told her yes! I'm loving her templates - I really think she'll be a good fit for the style of pages I like to do :D

Okay -- I need to get. I seem to be making these posts a little longer with each new one I put up. I'll make an effort to shorten things up, lol :) See you tomorrow! :D

Monday, April 19, 2010

Day 85 -- Blue Screen of Death

The first time it happened - I was very confused. And when I googled - I became terrified. I had only had my brand spankin' new computer for about three months. So the fact that I had just woken up to find my computer showing me this blaring blue screen, and a few google seconds quickly told me that this was commonly referred to as the "Blue screen of death. -- well, that pissed me off!

In short: the blue screen of death is a warning that something is wrong with your computer. And I don't mean a program is acting up. Or you have a virus. I mean that (most of the time anyways) there is a piece of hardware on your computer that isn't working right - and when your computer tries to access it (whether for normal reasons - like you're trying to find a file on it. Or for other reasons - like your virus scanner is trying to access it to run it's daily scan) - well, if it cannot be accessed, then your computer immediately shuts down to protect itself from further damage and gives you a blue screen with info. Factory defaults can cause this (nothing you did - just a dud piece of machinery). And the most common "dead" hardware I found was the motherboard. I swear every article I found was about the motherboard being bad. Ugh!

Okay -- that wasn't very short. Sorry, lol.

So my issue - which happened three days in a row - was coming from my virus scanner. It was trying to access something, and when it couldn't -- BOOM. Blue Screen.

Talking to the person that built my computer (my computer genius friend Dameon) he told me to update everything. I did and all was well ... for the most part. I would get a blue screen here or there - it was usually weeks apart. But since everything kept working right, I just ignored it and moved on. Dameon isn't one to make house calls - and the thought of hauling this massive tower over there didn't get me excited, lol. I just made sure to back EVERYTHING up like 3 times over so that if it went kaput - I'd be safe from losing anything!

Flash forward to now - about a year from my very first blue screen. I've since learned that my issues were MOST likely connected to my graphics card. It could be a factory default, a software issue - any number of things. I'd talked to Dameon a few times about it - even showed him photos I had taken with the blue screen info. His only advice was he'd have to look at it.

So tonight - after probably the 7th blue screen in a row (once a day) I gave up and asked Dameon if we could take my computer over and have him look at it. He said yes and away we went. And just in case I didn't have my computer the following day -- I grabbed the following photo for my P365:

Icky!! I just hate seeing my desk like that, lol. LUCKILY!! I was able to bring my computer back that very night. And the fix was extremely easy!! After cleaning up stuff on the computer (things I can't even begin to describe -- it's in the inner workings, and I don't get any of it, lol) he then opened up the tower and got a closer look.

Can you believe that it was the fact that the graphics card had fallen!! THAT was the problem!! When Dameon had made the computer - the card just clicked into its slot. No screws necessary! Well - it was necessary because the card had come lose and laid down slightly. The problem with that is the fan & exhaust no longer had an escape. So the card was overheating. So when I was using Photoshop, listening to some music, maybe watching a movie/tv show -- so much visual stuff made the graphics card over heat. And to protect itself - it would blue screen. And us moving in February must have knocked it even more loose. Plus we JUST moved it onto my desk. AND!! This house shakes when the kids jump - so it shakes my desk. It all was enough to finally knock it down so far that it was over heating faster than ever - making me blue screen daily.

That was it! I took home my computer that night and got it all hooked back up! It's now 3 weeks later that I'm finally getting this post up -- and I haven't had any issues since! In fact - I've had an improvement. My computer isn't noisy anymore. It used to be SOOOO loud! You wouldn't really notice until you shut it down for the night - then the difference between the turned on computer and the sleeping computer became SO apparent!

The noise?? It was the graphic's card fan working on over time!!

Something so simple - causing SO many problems!! Thank goodness Dameon knows what's what! He totally saved my computer! Thank you Dameon!! :D

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Day 84 -- End of the World

Ever just have one of those cry fests that would make anyone think that the world as we know it just ended? No? Oh, that's right -- we're not two, and our world doesn't end just because we're told no. It might make us cranky - but nope, no cry fest... oh but wouldn't it be nice if we could cry like a toddler going through his terrible twos! You know - throw a fit with wild abandon - flailing arms and all, lol....

So, as Liam proceeds to throw a tiny fit today, I did my motherly "mamarazzi" duties by snapping the following photo :)

So what do you think - is that the evil eye he's giving me? LOL :P

OH!! A quick update about the contest I entered (which I first told you about HERE). So far all is going well! I'm pretty much holding steady in second place. I'm getting ready to make a little siggie offer to some friends I have on myspace. Basically - they vote for me, and I make them a pretty little sig tag :) I'm saving that as my ace in the hole though. I probably won't ask for help unless I absolutely need it -- and then only towards the end of the whole contest :D

That's all for today!! See you tomorrow!

Day 83 -- DIY Pantry

Today was an awesomely productive day!! Lemme tell you why. You see - we're STILL moving in. There are still boxes (full of stuff) through out the house. Don't even get me started on the truck. Thank goodness my inlaws OWN an old moving truck because I don't know what we would have done if we had had to rent.

So today -- I decided it was time to get the kitchen in order - make it more usable. The amount of storage in this kitchen is laughable! I have a total of three drawers - two of which are deep DEEP drawers (so not very practical for utensils - more for dish towels). So that leaves me one drawer for utensils. There's no drawer under the stove - so pots and pans have no place to live. There are some cupboards - but not many. And some of the biggest are big because they're at the corner -- meaning I have some space that goes way back into an area that I can't easily reach (or even see - on the top shelves). Here soon -- I'll get a photo of it (when it's clean, lol) so you can see).

So the point? The point is - I have NO place for food. I used to have a walk in pantry, so I'm used to having a place other than cupboards for food. So today I unpacked some boxes in the kitchen and dug out some shelves in the truck and created myself a little pantry area. I utilized a spot in the kitchen that is pretty useless (a kitchen table won't fit because it would block either the door to the laundry room or the master bedroom).

Doesn't that look pretty!!! I'm so happy with my handy work for the day! :P OH! But I did make a mess today too, lol. We moved in just a tad early for our landlords - and one wall in our bathroom was still undone. All that was left was texturing and then painting. He offered to do it, but Tom (not asking me) told him we'd do it... Yeah - it's was still undone - until today!

I grabbed the can of texture spray that had been sitting in the closet since we moved in and went to work....and promptly stunk up the entire house - BAD!! It had the smell of spray paint. I tried to air it out using all of our fans and opening the doors, but it wasn't working. Then I tried again to see if our bedroom window was openable -- and I finally just realized it was locked (I thought it was sealed shut - we have weather windows on the outside - and I thought our window was sealed shut to keep the cold out). Anyhoo -- I quarantined the bedroom and aired it out all evening - it smells fine FINALLY.

But at least the texture is on the wall. And it's ready for paint... I went to grab that and discovered the landlord guy didn't leave that. *sigh* I have a feeling that wall may never get finished, lol.

Okay - I'm tired and need to get to sleep!! I'll see y'all tomorrow! XOXO :D

Day 82 -- Washing the Truck

Today was a fun day - just relaxing and productive. We had some gorgeous weather, so Tom decided to wash his truck while Liam was taking his nap. He had Connor help him, and it was so fun to watch them working together. Connor washed the hub caps and even rinsed them off all by himself. (I remember being stuck washing the dumb hub caps - I always hated that, lol. Connor didn't seem to mind though).

That's today's photo. Connor rinsing off his handy work! See his tongue, lol -- that's what he does when he's concentrating hard, lol :)

So that's it for the day :) Oh - things are going great with the contest. Lyndsay, amazing sweetheart that she is, posted a heads up about it on her fan page on Facebook (she's got nearly a 1000 fans!). My vote count shot up within the hour. I'm still behind one girl, but I'm hoping that with all my friends' help - I'll at least place 2nd or 3rd :)

Fingers Crossed!! :) See you tomorrow! :D XOXO!!

Day 81 -- Say Cheese For Mommy!

So the voting for that contest I talked about yesterday (the one I made the layout for) -- the voting started today. And I can already see who the front runners are. I'm kinda surprised a few aren't ahead - but then... that just says one thing. This contest won't be a fair contest (grr). It's gonna be a popularity contest - and the person with the most friends online will win... Ugh -- I hate contests like this! A LOT!!!! I hate pestering people to vote for me - especially this site because it requires registration in order to vote....

Ah well - nothing to be done for it. The voting goes on all week - so we'll see how it goes :)

Today's photo is SO adorable!! That's right - it's another one that has both my boys (did I mention those are my favorite photos? lol) Liam's smile in this is just the cutest :) They were outside playing. It wasn't the best weather for it - but I needed a break, lol :) It wasn't raining - so I wasn't that mean for kicking them out there, lol :)

See? Totally adorable!! Liam was sitting down on a toy - and Connor was standing -- that's why there's such an obvious height difference :) Not that you need to know that - but I just thought I'd say :) Okay - I'm done, lol. See you tomorrow!! :)

Day 80 -- Crazy Hair Days

today was just a laid back, nothing much happening kind of Sunday. The weather was drizzle-ish, so we didn't send the kids outside. Tom ended up napping for most of the day - which was fine with me cuz it allowed me to finish up a layout I'd been working on. There's a contest that I'm praying I can win. Here's the layout I did:

Full credits can be found by clicking on the image!

I'm totally loving it and I really hope I have a shot at winning!! The winner gets 25$ to Shabby Miss Jenn's shop as well as 75$ to Persnickety Prints (which I hear tell is the place to get your scrapbook pages printed!). There's also a 2nd and 3rd place - so fingers crossed I can get something! It would be so neat - seeing my pages in print!!

Anyhoo - today's photo makes me totally giggle :P Liam had a bath tonight and as I was getting him dressed for bed, I sat him in front of his heater to help keep him warm while I grabbed his jammies. Well, his hair is so fine and babyish, it was actually dried by the heater in less than a minute. And, lol -- it was dried in the UP position, lol. Nothing I did would make it lay down - so instead of fretting, lol - I just snapped a picture. I loved this one - goofy face and all!! :)

Day 79 -- Car Wash

Do you remember being a kid and thinking the car wash was just the coolest thing ever? No...? Just me then....? Hmmmm.... LOL :P Well I remember loving it - and guess what -- my 5 year old loves it too! The gas station by our old place has a car wash attached to it, and Connor used to beg to go through it. I will say that it was a rare treat for us. I've always found using a car wash was utterly pointless since it rained here so much. What good is a wash when it would be covered in water spots within a day or two. That - and the place that we live now - the tree likes to shed. And there's pollen from somewhere that coats the car daily. So really - there's no reason to wash the car unless it's coated in mud or bird poo or something.

But that didn't stop Daddy from making the day of his oldest boy by getting a quick $5 car wash :) Liam was a zombie boy the whole time, but Connor couldn't get enough. He kept whipping his head back and forth in an effort to take in everything! And when it was over - I had a nice, clean car.....that will probably be dirty before the end of tomorrow, lol :)

Today's photo was near the end of the car wash - as the giant dryer did its thing by blowing all the water off the car (which happens to be my favorite part of the whole thing. I love seeing the water bead and disappear up and off the windshield. It's the little things, I tell ya, lol).

That's all for today! See you tomorrow!! XOXO :D

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Day 78 -- For Love of the Dirty

I woke up to some AWESOME news!! Remember THIS topic (the info about the contest is at the end of the blog). Well - I knew the winners would be chosen today -- so I checked This Post and found out I won!! Yeah - that first layout there -- that one is mine!! Can you believe it!?! That was the first digi dare I ever tried - I cannot believe I won!! I won $40 in prizes!! Holy crap!! :D

Add to that awesome news - I had a blast!! It was a gorgeous day - so I let the boys go play! They taken to digging in the dirt with gusto! There's one little spot that they always go to - and I just love it :) I came across an adorably dirty Liam and had to get a shot of it - don't you just love the dirt chunk on his cheek, lol. And the face... not sure what he was doing - but I loved it and kept snapping away :)

On a totally random note (this is something I remarked on on Facebook this morning): Liam Speak 101: When you are hungry in the morning, then you should eat some Bress-Ass (known as Breakfast to us non-toddlers) :D

That is all for today!! See you tomorrow!! XOXO :)

Day 77 -- Celebrating Irishness!

Guess what!!! Tom might have gotten a job!! Oh - you didn't know?? Yeah - my hubby's work has been in stand by mode since fricking October (lovely, ain't it - not!). And he's been on the hunt for a new job ever since. He picked up looking when his job - which had promised things would pick up in January - pushed things back to February. Then March. Now April!

Well - his many MANY days of job hunting, application sending, and interview taking has finally paid off! And if all goes well, he'll be starting his new job in a couple weeks!! Take that unemployment!!!! :D

Today's photo is something I meant to do yesterday and forgot. In honor of my favoritest holiday, I wanted to get all artsy-fartsy by photographing a clover :)

I'm really happy with how it turned out :D What do you think?? And with that - I'll leave you with my traditional saying - see you tomorrow!! :D

Day 76 -- BBQ Fun

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!! This is one of my favorite days ever - this is the day that being Irish is something everyone celebrates (even if you're not actually Irish, lol). We had some beautiful weather, so Tom did some barbecuing :)

That was today's photo -- Liam hanging out on the front porch, watching Daddy cook burgers :)

I love that photo!! I wish the exposure was better - but the post editing I did (what I was able to do - it was REALLY dark) will have to do :) That's all for today! I'm tired and don't wanna write anymore (the daylight savings time thing is STILL messing with sleeping times and the kids - grrr).

Day 75 -- Happy Boys

Oh must vent!! Lyndsay just put up a new kit for us CT girls to work with. I've been working all evening - and I was actually LOVING my layout. Well - I was playing with different ways to edit colors for things and my dang program froze and crashed. And I'm SOOOO kicking myself - but I hadn't saved since early in my creative process. All I had was a background page chosen, and nothing else! Ohhhhh... I'm just sick about it!!

I did some of the quick background stuff I had done (because it was done by blending more than one page and I didn't wanna forget what I had done) but I didn't do anything else. I need to get away because the thought of doing anything more (that I had already done) makes my head hurt, lol.

I am partial to the Facebook status I wrote right after though:

**Shaking Fist Towards The Heavens**
Okay - my little melodrama is done... Just had to get that out, lol :D

Moving on!! Today I got one of my favorite kind of photos!!! My precious little boys now totally pose and hold still for me! And I got this gem of a photo because of it :D

SOOOO cute!!! :D I love those smiles!! That's all for today! See you tomorrow!! XOXO :D

Day 74 -- Ice Cream Headaches

Okay -- I'm now officially PO'd!! I've always hated daylight savings time - it not only messes up my sleeping schedule, but it messes up my light schedule too. I LIKE when we have light and when we don't -- and I don't mind if it continues to change as the seasons change....

But like anyone who's always dealt with it - we don't know of any other way of living - so what's a person to do, right? WRONG! Some people/places actually never change their clocks. Here in the states even!! Arizona (at least the city of Yuma) NEVER change their clocks. And after living there - I fell in love with the idea of leaving your clocks where they're at. There's no adjusting to anything other than maybe the times of a few TV shows. Ahhhhh ... it's SOOO wonderful!!

Now - with the addition of children - an hour can completely mess up everything! Morning schedules, nap times and bed times -- an hour can be a huge deal!! I'm so crazy mad right now - I'd LOVE to b***h slap the idiot that invented it, and then the idiot who implemented it (probably the idiot that put it to use more than the one that invented it, lol).

Ugh -- yeah, I'm pissed, lol. I'd give anything to officially protest it - but I haven't a clue how I'd do that! :)

So, moving on!! Tonight we let the kiddos have some ice cream. And Connor - poor little guy -- he kept getting ice cream headaches, lol. I've never suffered from these - so they always make me giggle. And because I'm a mean mommy on a mission to get photos of everything - I had him chew into like 5 bites of ice cream so I could get the perfect picture of this, lol (yep - totally mean!)

That is all - my mean mommy moment is over :) See you tomorrow!! XOXO! :D

Day 73 -- Baby Blues!

Didn't do much today. Everything felt off because of daylight savings time, but we're getting by for now. It's just lazy day Sunday here, and we had nothing planned. We did take a drive to the store - and I ended up grabbing a gorgeous photo! Liam was just zoning out, watching the scenery pass by the windows. The sun was shining in, and when I got home and got a look at the photos - I came across this one:

Oh wow - right?! I love how blue my boys eyes are. Growing up with green eyes, I use to wish so bad for blue eyes. Instead - I just did the next best thing: I married someone with blue eyes and made the gene pool more conducive to having blue eyed offspring, lol!! :)

That's all for today!! See you tomorrow!! :D

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Day 72 -- Where's Your Arm?

Today Liam got up at 6:30am! Yuck!! I really don't get why that kid gets up at the butt crack of dawn. I tried to get him to lay down with me on the couch for a while, but he kept twitching his toes, and it drove me nuts, lol. So I told him to go play - which he happily did for almost two hours!! I love having time to wake up :)

Today I had full control over the TV though -- which NEVER happens in this house, lol. I watched a marathon of Enterprise (I'm a Trekkie, remember, lol). Then after that was yet another marathon. This one was of the new Syfy show Caprica - a spin off of the newer version of Battlestar Galactica. We didn't have TV when it started, so I was able to catch up. Not sure yet if I'll like the show as a whole, but I do like it so far :)

So, while chillin' on the couch, Liam comes out wearing one of Connor's shirts :) His arms barely fit, and he kept playing with the sleeve. Then we started the (never ending) game of "Where's Liam's arm?" .... "Oh! There it is!" LOL :) Yeah, it was fun the first 20 times - which is when I grabbed today's photo :) Luckily he got bored with it just about the time I decided to pull my hair out (I'm NOT a big fan of repetition, lol)

OH!! And I got the scrapping bug yet again (I know - it's like my third page in as many days -- but when the mojo is flowing, I make sure to go with it!). There was a contest on a site called The Digi Dares - and it just totally called out to me. They wanted you to scrap about your ancestry. Well - seeing as how I have none - I pictured this layout with no photo... some clustered elements and some heart felt journaling.

And I finished it tonight and submitted my entry!! I'm SOOOO happy with it!! I wasn't going to do any photos - but just seeing how it looked, I threw a couple tiny ones in there and loved how that looked (which led to the little cluster in the corner - which is my fave little addition to the whole thing!). So anyhoo -- here's my layout!!! :)

Day 71 -- Freckles

The first time I saw Connor's freckles - I got silly happy :) I don't know why - but I just loved seeing them. Okay - I do kind of know why. My poor little blond headed, blue eyed angel was pale. I mean pasty-white pale, lol. And being a paranoid first time mother (who knows what crappy, pale skin does in the sun) I kept his skin lathered with THICK sun screen for the first couple years of this kids life :)

The photo doesn't really do his first face freckles justice. It's a 35mm photo (you know the stuff. It's called film. We used to use it for all our photos, lol). Anyhoo -- He had gotten a pretty harsh sun burn on his poor face (there were deceptive clouds out - letting through the stuff that burns you, but not letting through the bright, sunny rays.) But underneath that redness was a hint of the freckles that would soon darken as he was in the sun a little more :)

As he got older - they stood out more. And they even started staying on his face longer (they used to disappear a few hours after he left the sun. It was frustrating, lol). This photo was pretty much when he got his face freckles - and they never really left. All through the winter - they stayed!!! :)

Which brings us to today's photo!! I didn't really take it for the freckles exactly. I was just having fun in the sun with the boys :) And the photo doesn't really highlight the freckles very well (the full size version shows them off better). But I still LOVE the photo and its hint of freckles :D

And that is all for today! Thank you for taking a trip down memory lane with me to remember my son's beautiful freckles :D See you tomorrow!! XOXO :D

Day 70 -- Mr. Attitude Is Back

In an effort to capture every aspect of life, I make sure to get the GOOD times as well as the BAD. And that little boy with the big attitude has not changed much from those "terrible twos" days :) He still has his pissy moments, and I still grab my camera and make sure to catch them, lol. And that's today's photo -- another (adorable) attitude filled moment! :)

Those hooded eyes, the forceful eyebrows, and that pouty lip -- all of it combines to making one of my favorite looks, lol. Sure I love a good smile - but there's something special about this face, lol. And I'm doing my best to enjoy this while I still find it cute - because it won't be too much longer when that face makes me annoyed instead of giggly :)

And as promised, my layout from Lyndsay's newest kit! She teamed up with Kami of Ziggle Designs and did the most adorable bathroom kit ever! It's called Squeaky Clean :) And my layout -- which I love -- was done up about Liam's first bath. It was a horrible experience, and I was so happy when I was done. And let's just say that future baths were done differently, that's for sure!

Full credits can be found by clicking on the image!

Day 69 -- Have Some Ketchup

One of Liam's favorite meals is burgers & fries. Seriously - he gets all cute and excited when he knows he's going to have that. I wish I could show you a video - cuz it's really cute, lol :)

Well, tonight we had burgers and fries, and boy oh boy - did he go to town. I didn't sit and watch him eat - so I'm not sure exactly how this happened - and stayed so much in one spot. Hardly any ketchup got in other spots other than hands and mouth. You can see how bad it could have gotten - one hand print on ... well, anything -- that would have been bad, lol. But nope - just what you see in the photo: hands & mouth. He came over to me wanting to get cleaned up. I snapped a couple photos and then we went and cleaned up :)

I didn't do this, but I should have taken a photo of the mangled burger, lol. He tries so hard - but a good portion of it doesn't get eaten. It just gets squished and dropped :) And with that, I say good night!! See you tomorrow!! XOXO :D

Day 68 -- Milk Does A Body Good

I know that the big moments are awesome to see and record - first steps, first words, first day of school. All those moments are locked away in my memory vault :) But there's more that I try my best to record as well. Today wasn't the first time Liam had done this - but it's the first time I remembered to take a photo.

I braved a possible milky mess by letting Liam drink from a big boy cup :) And he did fantastic! Not a drop was spilled, as he chugged it down :) So that is today's photo :)

Day 67 -- Microbursts

Today apparently brought on a wind storm that is the opposite of a tornado. The news reported that we had a micro burst storm - which you can learn more about HERE :) I know that Wikipedia isn't the most reliable source sometimes, but for this subject - it seemed pretty spot on :) I think it's awesome to learn something new like that! I'd never heard of these types of storms before...

And the storm was pretty wicked. It came on fast. I mean - the world was calm and normal one minute, then hectic the next. It knocked out our power for about 10min. When I stepped outside, the wind was ridiculously strong! Within a half hour, it was hailing so much, I actually thought it was snow.

That's what today's photo is - the hail that piled in a few seconds in a chair outside :) I wish I had gotten a better picture that really showed just how much (and how large) it was, but I'll have to live with these. I was just too awed by the storm, didn't really think about getting more photos at the time :)

On a side note -- I finished my layout for Lyndsay tonight - the second one since my little break! I wish I could show you, but the kit won't be out until Thursday evening. But I will be sure to show it off then!! :)

See you tomorrow!! XOXO! :)

Day 66 -- He ain't heavy...

Oh yeah, it feels so wonderful to be back online!! I finally finished going through ALL my emails! I even had tons of awesome freebies & gifts (the digital scrapbooking kind) for my birthday! So I've been going shopping for that stuff! Lyndsay has a new kit out, so I'll be starting a layout for that probably tomorrow!

And I also have been researching TONS about cameras and lenses... I'm so up in the air about what I want to do... I really just need to see how much it will cost to fix my camera before I decide... But I have found out what lens I want. Someone I met online was awesome enough to answer my questions about her amazing photo. Melissa - who I found via her blog HERE has an entry level DSLR (a Canon Rebel XS). But what makes her photos SO perfect is the lens she has - a 50mm 1.8 lens (which is TOTALLY affordable!!). So I'm googling my butt off, trying to make the best choices, and hopefully - before too long - I will be taking photos with my new lens and possibly my new camera!!! EEK!! :D

My photo of the day is just a cute little moment with the boys. Liam must have found Connor's hair fascinating because they sat like this for a few minutes :)

As I was getting ready to make this post live, I came across the most adorable quote that sums up this photo quite nicely. He ain't heavy - He's my brother! Tell me that's not perfect for that photo! And if & when I ever scrap this - you can be sure that that is what my title will be!!

That's all for today! See you tomorrow!! XOXO :D

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Day 65 -- Playin' Hard

Today the sun was shining, so we let the kids go out and play. I still can't believe we can do that - just let them go out and play :) But that was good since it gave me a chance to finish up my layout with some peace and quiet all around me :)

Liam did come in eventually. I'm not sure why, but he did. Connor stayed outside playing with Breanna, who had come over almost as soon as the kids went out to play. Liam climbed up on the couch and leaned in close with Daddy - who was just chillin' watching TV. The next thing I know, I hear "Psst, Psst ... is he asleep?" And sure enough - Liam was passed out against Tom! SO CUTE!! :)

And you know I wouldn't leave you hanging about my first layout after 7 weeks of now scrapping.... First -- a note about the kit :D Valerie teamed up with a new designer named Lita of Litabells Designs. They made this adorable kit...for a girl :( BUT - as always -- I love me a good scrapping challenge. And using a girl kit for a boy page is SO much fun to me, lol.

So - without further ado ...

Full credits can be found by clicking on the image!

Day 64 -- Back To Work :D

Hmm... What to write what to write what to write.... Well, today was pretty good :) I woke up to a quiet house - Tom had taken the boys to breakfast and let me sleep in. So, I excitedly got online (seriously - I still forget I have the internet again, lol. I get excited every time I remember, lol...)

Anyhoo, I also started digi scrapping again. The entire time I was offline, I had zero desire. I opened a 2 pager I started for P365, and just played with the journaling, and nothing else. And then when we moved - using my computer as a TV... Not having my desk... Yeah - it all affected how I felt about scrapping. So today I tried to get back into the swing of things, doing a CT layout for Valerie of Valerie N. Designs :)

I spent quite a bit of time doing pretty much nothing, lol. And I also felt HUGE cravings for a cigarette when I got in a slump! That's when I remembered a fear I had when I still smoked. I always thought that when I did finally quit - I was gonna have a hard time scrapbooking because when I get a creative block, I help it by going out and having a smoke. I stand there, staring at the layout and I usually get a handful of ideas while I'm smoking. Then I come in and try the ideas out. So yeah... it was an annoying challenge tonight.

My photo today is of my attempt to break my 7wk scrapbooking block. I've dusted off Photoshop and have a good start on my layout. Got my coffee in my new coffee cup (which I LOVE!! Hubby got it for me today - sometimes he really nails it!!) And also my sunflower seeds -- what I've come to use as an alternative to cigarettes :)

Kinda a boring photo - sorry about that. I really didn't think about photography today, and realized around midnight that I needed something. So I thought my efforts with scrapbooking could be a good photo :)

I'll be sure to show the finished product soon!! See you tomorrow!! XOXO! :)

Day 63 -- Desk Success

It took near ALL day! But we did it -- we got my desk set up and my computer put on it!! Dang this thing weighs a ton - even when it's taken apart in three parts (it's not meant to come apart -- I just made it come apart, lol). And then all that wiring on the computer - this goes here, that goes there -- through there, around there... UGH! LOL :)

But how wonderful does it feel to type on a keyboard being held up by something other than a crossed leg. And my mouse? Yep - right next to the keyboard and no longer on the floor by my feet! :D

And that's today's photo!! My desk together and in its new home :) And in case you're curious -- that would be Facebook I'm looking at. And Ashley my love -- that would be your profile I'm reading up on, lol :D

That's all for today! See you tomorrow!! XOXO :D

Day 62 -- Birthday Parties

Let's just say that sometimes things don't come to me until too late. For example: I knew the Comcast guy was coming today. I've known it for a few days. And did we grab the desk out of the truck and assemble it -- getting it all ready for the internet? Why of course NOT!!! Ugh... So I'm still writing on a keyboard balanced on my lap (not the cumfiest thing ever) ...

But hey -- I'm online and that's totally all that matters!! YAY!!!! I'm SOOO glad to be back!! I didn't get much chatting done - I had a case of the shyness bite me in the butt, so I ended up lurking a lot (grrr). I did however start going through the 300+ emails I had waiting for me. I even read all the wonderful birthday comments I got - I love you all so much! I would have felt so loved on that day - and with the crap day I had had, I would have loved you all ever more!! :)

So today's photo was of something that kinda irked me. First of all - it took me away from my newly gotten internet, lol. Second - it took us to a place I already wanted to go to myself. Some friends of ours were throwing a birthday party at Chuck E Cheese and invited us. Which I don't mind - in fact I love going there. I just wanted to take our kids there for a make up party since both of their birthdays really REALLY sucked due to zero money. I know they won't care - getting to go there twice in a week would be cool... I just wanted their little party to be memorable and stand alone... know what I mean?

Well, what's done is done - and both the boys had SOOOO much fun! We let Connor just run off and play, and I would see him every now and then doing this or that. I even found random pictures on the ground of him. I'm thinking he'd get so excited just seeing his face on the monitor, and after it froze and was done - he'd run off to the next thing. It never occurred to him to wait and that a picture or card would come out with his photo on it, lol :)

And Liam just had fun climbing all over stuff - and riding rides :) Today's photo is of him riding the carousel. I couldn't get him to smile, lol. He was just totally zoned into the ride - and the best I could do was to get him to sort of look in my general direction, lol :)

That is all for today!! See you tomorrow!!! :D It's SO great being back online!! YAY!!! :D

Day 61 -- Water Baby

Is it tomorrow yet?? Because seriously - this wait to be back online has now entered the crazy zone!! I'm so tired of waiting - I'm beyond excited! UGH! I wish it was the 3rd already!! Cuz then I would be doing this online! Yeah baby!!

So today was just your normal, run of the mill day :) The kids played. Ate. Slept. All that normal stuff. And to end the day on a fun note, I let Liam take an extra long bath -- the kind that makes the tosies all pruney, lol :) I love how he says bath time -- it comes out at "baff time" LOL :)

And that's my photo -- a cute little cheesin' photo of Liam in the baff tub :D

And with that, I end what I hope to be my final P365 entry in a text document!! I shall see all you wonderful people anon!!! YAY!!!!! :D XOXO!
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