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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I'm Back!!!!

Holy crud! Is it really already March!? With the move to a new home, the hospitalization of my MIL, and a few other surprises so far this year, I have to say that time has flown by in a rapid RAPID blink of an eye!!

Starting tomorrow, you're gonna see one post after another as I do my best to catch up. I did great with P365, faithfully taking photos every day. Some days, the idea of taking a photo just disgusted me (you'll understand when those days come up) but I kept at it - even if it was a photo of nothing :) I did up little documents with journaling for a lot of the days as well, so the writing with each photo will coincide with the actual day -- my P365 isn't just about the photos, but also about the little things that are happening each day (I am a chatter box with writing after all, lol. It would seem weird if I didn't write every day) :D

So before I start posting lots of stuff that you may or may not actually read - here's the last 6wks summed up :)

~~ My MIL is doing well!!! She had her heart surgery (where they replaced a damaged valve with a titanium one). She came home and then went back to the hospital because of a HUGE bed sore that had become infected. That was last week, and she's now home again :)

~~ We found a home to live in - and sucessfully moved at the beginning of February. I've had issues with the place (it's much smaller than I originally thought) but I'm becoming resigned to living here (at least for a little while) and I'm finally trying my best to turn this place into a home.

~~ On January 24th (at 8pm -- just cuz I was that crazed at the time, lol - so I remember the time) me and my hubby quit smoking!! Doing it then was more due to lack of $$ ... But sticking with it was cuz it was a goal of ours anyways. We had talked about quitting when we moved, we just ended up doing it a week early :) We have both stayed smoke free! YAY US!! :)

~~ Liam turned 2 on January 26th. And I turned 29 (for reals - not one of those bday things where you say it's your 2nd 29th bday cuz you're in denial about being 30. I'm really 29, lol) Anyhoo -- that was on February 26th... That's it for bdays, lol

~~ My 2010 motto - New Beginnings - is holding strong!! New home to live in. New lifestyle (non-smoker baby, yeah!!!), New ... I'm too tired to think of anything else new, so I'll stop now, lol :)

Get ready for the onslaught of photos tomorrow!! See you soon!! XOXO! :D

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