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Monday, March 22, 2010

Day 38 -- Hatin' The Blahs!

Today... I felt sad ALL day long (not much of an improvement from yesterday). If you were to ask me, I wouldn't have been able to really pin point WHY... I just felt like my dog had died or something. But instead of one thing that my sadness came from, it felt like it was everything that the sadness came from... I can only assume it's my "wonderful" companion -- Depression. I really wish that bastard would leave me the hell alone... *sigh*

To top it all off, we missed the super bowl. We went to my inlaws - but they don't watch football, so they were out. We headed to our friends (who we had told earlier that we'd probably be by). Well, we showed up just in time to see them all getting ready to leave. WTF!? We even tried WalMart - but since TV is all digital - they didn't have any TV on. They just had their promo dvd thing... :(

Yep, I feel a little better than I did this morning, but not by much... Fingers crossed that I sleep better tonight and have a better day tomorrow!!

Today's photo is just a quick snap shot of Connor after he got out of his shower. He pretty much does it all on his own now. What a big boy he's becoming... I can still remember the first time I held him... :)

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