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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Day 34 -- Belated Birthday

Well, we finally got all our stuff out of our old apartment. Well, most of it anyways. There was still some garbage (mostly papers & boxes and other burnable stuff that I just never had time to burn). Hopefully we won't be charged too much. I hated leaving anything there - I felt like we were breaking the law or something, lol. We also left our broken car there since we have no way to tow it to our new place right now. I'm praying they just won't realize our car is there in the extra parking lot - that they'll just think it's someone else's and not double check :)

I usually love moving, but it's been 5yrs since we moved. I think we tripled our stuff (ugh!). And my body has aged five whole years - it doesn't work as well as it used to, lol. I hurt so bad! I can't wait to hit the hay tonight :D

So today's photo is long over due - not the photo itself, but what the photo is of. Liam's birthday was really sad (thank goodness he has no idea he was jipped this year). We finally were able to get to my parent's house and let him open his presents from them. He had a blast! He got a bunch of cars (as always - a huge hit with him, lol). He got some clothes, a ball, and a few other things. Leave it to my mom to always to amazing for birthdays!! YAY :)

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