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Friday, March 5, 2010

Day 26 -- Liam Turns Two!

Hey non smokers! I guess I am now in that group!! I've had my limits tested by the kiddos today, but I'm doing pretty decent I think. The day went by at a more normal feeling pace (yesterday it just drug by. It was SO slow - it felt murky and thick) ... Today, whenever I encountered an emotional moment, I allowed myself to feel that anger, and was pleased to see that it passed eventually without consuming me (like it used to -- thus making me NEED a cigarette). And more times than not, I just steered any anger and/or frustration to sad feelings, allowing my angst to come out with tears (no matter how pointless the tears may have been, I felt like it was good to let them out so that my brain could work through the emotions).

Today was also Liam's 2nd birthday. Kinda sad when you don't even realize that the 26th is already here. We didn't do a damn thing really for his birthday :( ... With no money, and little time left for packing (not to mention the over all stress of everything) we really didn't know what we could do right now to celebrate, so we decided to just do something soon when we have the time and money to do it (hopefully that's sooner rather than later).

But, much to my surprise, our families had their own ideas. We got a present in the mail from Uncle Jeremy & Aunt Brenda. It was a monster truck. And then Momo & Popo had a few cars for him as well (you'd think he likes cars or something, lol).

And a quick note - my MIL is doing wonderful! So good in fact that she was released today and sent home. Those presents that they got for Liam? Yeah, she & Popo gave them to Liam from their home, in person!! And they even had some cupcakes for everyone!! Which is my photo for today :)

See you soon!! XOXO!! :D

PS: House Update -- Still no prospects...yet! My mama found a little place and gave us the info. Tom drove by it and gave the owners a call. So finger's crossed that they get a hold of us... that they like us... that they say yes... that they don't require the deposit before we move it... Oh - and that they do all that within the next few days!! Here's hoping!!! :D

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