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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Day 24 -- Peaceful Quiet, if only for a moment :)

We finally got to let the kids visit Momo today!! She looked really REALLY good, all things considered. They moved her up to the 6th floor, and they have told her that - if all things go well - she could easily be home by this Wednesday!! The kids loved seeing her! Liam kept loving up on here and even shared her custard with her, lol.

We also hung out with our friends again. Tom had a couple job offers he had found that needed a resume emailed to them, so he did that. I think he said he applied to 6 different places today. So hopefully one of those (or all - hey, let's think positive, right? lol) get a hold of him (sooner rather than later).

Today's photo is one of my most favorite things -- kids sleeping :D HAHA - a peaceful break from all the screaming and fighting is always a plus :) We've been so busy the last couple days that poor Liam hasn't had a normal day in a few days now. No naps, later than normal bed times... Yeah - he tends to crash on the way home :)

So that's all for today! See you soon!! XOXO!! :D

On a side note - not sure if it will amount to anything, but Connor has been acting odd. Kinda just blah -- not his usual annoying self. He's been off for a few days, but I can't tell if he's sick or just being moody. Tonight he had a slight fever (around 100) so we'll see how it goes. If he's still sick in the morning - he won't have school :(

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