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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Day 21 -- Still A Little Blah :(

Things still feel hopeless right now... I feel a little better today, but not much. I am a hell of a lot more hopeful than I was last night - dang, depression can suck, lol. It kinda sucked to watch what little money we had left go to buying Tom a new phone. I was SO annoyed that they wouldn't just transfer his number to my phone. They wanted to charge 60 bucks for that!! So spending 20$ on a new phone (and thus getting your old number added to it for free as a silly deal they have) made much more sense....

We did witness an... odd accident before even getting into the WalMart parking lot though. It's pretty much impossible for me to really describe it in words that will paint the right picture.... but a person stuck in the wrong lane - facing on-coming traffic... He turned -- and instead of veering slightly and heading off in the correct lane (and correct direction) of traffic, he... tried to cross four lanes of traffic and head into the entrance for Walmart - completely side swiping a car (rightfully) driving through the intersection... Having a front row seat to the whole thing, we stayed and helped the people and talked to the cops and all that.

Seriously - if you are in the wrong lane or something on the road, use your damn brain and don't cross lanes of traffic that not only have a green light, but can't even see you because you're creeping pass traffic stopped, waiting for you to get out of the way...

Today's photo has to do with the slow emersion from my all consuming depression from last night. I grabbed my camera and didn't really wanna photograph anything still... I looked up, letting my eyes stay unfocused and thought "That's what I should photograph." So I did - the semi-blurry sky scape I saw this afternoon as I tried my best to get out of this funk and get back into life :)

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