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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Day 19 -- My Little Artist

My MIL is awake!! She's extremely weak, and they're of course monitoring her very closely, but she's awake. She can't really talk - I think they're keeping some sort of tube in her throat for a little longer, but don't quote me on that (sorry - again, my info is handed down from numerous sources until it gets to me). Thank you again for all your prayers! :)

Today's photo comes compliment of Connor. He got this awesome playdough toy for Christmas. It has these little smasher things that flatten out the playdough into shapes. This one is for hamburgers. Connor was quite proud of the burger and fries he made and insisted that I take a picture. So here you go :)

That's it for today!! See you soon!! XOXO! :D

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