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Friday, January 22, 2010

MIA for a bit

With the coming move (well - hopefully we move) and other things, I'll be absent from internet life for a couple weeks (at the least). I have continued taking photos, and I'm writing the journaling part in a text document. So, whenever I get back online (our internet is off right now) then I'll be doing a bunch of catching up. It's gonna seem kinda funny, reading about stuff that is a couple weeks old (especially some of my emotional stuff - yeah, I've had a horrible couple of days that I vented about, and I don't feel right editing what I wrote that day since I really wanna get a day by day accounting of my life this year - done with both photos and journaling)....

Anyhoo -- I will be back! My P365 continues on even though it won't seem like it for a few weeks :) See you soon!! XOXO! :D

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