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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Day 7 -- My boys & MIL Update


Well - things have gotten slightly better for my MIL (which you can my first blog about her in THIS post). Her heart attack stopped sometime last night, so that's good. She had some sort of procedure today that checked the flow of everything (they used dye - I know that much). They discovered that her heart valves aren't working correctly.

Forgive me for not knowing the specifics - this knowledge has been passed down through a number of people, so I don't know much. But here comes the bad news. My MIL will have to have open heart surgery sometime in the coming week... Since I know very little - I can't say what exactly they're gonna do - but I know they're going in to fix (or maybe find) something. But as with every surgery - there will be risks, so prayers are needed please!!

Onto my Day 7 photo (which, I might add, is being posted 25min before midnight! Go me!). Today's photo is just a fun photo of my boys before bed time. I realized I hadn't taken anything today, so I grabbed my camera and took a few.

When I looked at them on the computer, I was slightly bummed at the closed eyes (the LCD screen on my camera is broken, so photos are an unknown until i get them to my computer). BUT - being a "closed eye photo taker" myself (due to VERY sensitive eyes) I kinda felt like it fit to have their eyes closed. My eyes are green, while theirs are blue. (I guess light color eyes can be more sensitive to light) So there's a chance that they have sensitive eyes like me - and it made me smile thinking of all the photos I ruined for my mother cuz of my closed eyes, lol.

So celebrate in the "bad" photos - those quirks all make us human. And they are memories to treasure as well!! :)

See you tomorrow!! XOXO!! :D


  1. Sending prayers for your MIL! And what a cute pic of your boys!

  2. Love the picture of the boys. That reminds me of my future son-in-law...he has his eyes closed in alot of the pictures that I have of him.


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