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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Day 5 -- Mr. Attitude

I've been a busy girl!! Blogging for P365, doing up freebie templates for snagging - and blogging about it, making layouts for long lost designers moving to a new store - which I will be blogging about next. Lordy - I'm gonna cry when our internet goes bye-bye during the move :) I enjoy this blogging stuff way to much to go without it for a week :)

But anyhoo - we're on Day 5. So that means another photo in the life of the Moodys :) I got a few good ones today, but I chose to go with this attitude filled photo of Liam :)

Liam started his terrible twos early. He was easily 12mo old when the holy crap attitude started. As he actually approaches two - I personally feel like he's leveled out. He still throws his fits (which involve body flopping, head slapping, wall hitting, and the precious evil eye you see in the photo) LOL!! I know the attitude should be frustrating and annoying, but for some reason his show of temper still has the ability to make me giggle :)

OH! One more thing!! I finally scrapped!! It's been nearly 3 weeks since I've made a layout - and I've been glad for the break. I've also felt adrift in a sea of zero mojo. Valerie of Valerie N. Designs got a hold of me, telling me about her new store and asked me to make a layout with one of her kits. Why sure, I said... It took me all day, and I hated my layout completely until the very end (where I instantly loved it). But I thought I'd share :)

If you're curious about the credits (ie: Kit & Font used) - Just click the image :)

And with that, I'm wrapping up this post! See you tomorrow! XOXO!!

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  1. I absolutely love the way that you scrap. I am so jealous! I can have a sample next to me that is awesome and I do it and it is not as awesome as what I am looking at.


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