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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Day 3 -- Puzzle Time!

Ahh, here's me, the self proclaimed procrastinator, finally getting her Day 3 post done at 2am on Day 5. *sigh* Off to a rockin' start!

But I will not give up, lol. Today was just a busy day, and I didn't have any spare time until now. So my Day 3 photo is about Liam. For Christmas, he got these little foam puzzle pieces which he loves. His older brother Connor figured out how to make a box, and that meant Liam wanted me to make it for him... All. The. Time! One day he came to me with just three pieces, and I made him a triangle instead. And yep - you guessed it. He wanted me to make it for him all the time. You might wonder why - since once making it, all should be fine and dandy. Well, Connor also taught him that after you make a box (or in this case, a triangle) why - you must go and smash it just for the fun of it. Well, Liam finally got fed up with me saying "Not now, Liam" and he went to the table to make it himself. The process was just so adorable that I grabbed my camera and starting snapping away.

It was so cute. The whole time, he was deep in concentration. His little mouth left open as if taking deep, shallow breaths so as to not make a mistake. He actually did make a triangle of sorts, but pushed a tad too hard - breaking it. An "Uh-Oh" came out before he went back to work, trying again to make his triangle :) I was so proud of him - not giving up :)

And since I did take pictures the whole time - here's a little series of him working on it - then completing it - then breaking it :)

See you tomorrow (where my goal is to do my Day 4 post BEFORE midnight!!) :D XOXO!!


  1. so cute! and not boring, i love to read about your kids. i think its amazing how he finally just decided to try it for himself, and look he did it! good for him. and you not having to put it together for him all the time lol

  2. LOL -- well I'm glad you weren't bored :) I figure my family and close, long time friends would be fine - but the rest of my random internet acquaintances would probably just sigh with boredom, lol :)

  3. Such concentration!!! What a great series of pics!!! Hang in there with the 365 project and the post is NOT boring!

  4. You are so wrong Jen. I am one of your random internet acquaintances and I do not think it is boring. Actually as I read what you write, I think to myself...."I sure wish that I could do awesome blogs and scrapbooking like Jen does." I am a bit behind on reading your blog, but thought that I would sit down tonight and catch up with them. :) Great job!!


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