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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Day 2 -- Upholstering Sucks!

You know - it's choosing the picture that I find to be the hardest thing to do right now, lol. I took quite a few today. We went over to our friends house to help them reupholster a booth seat that they have. Well, the whole project too FAR longer than we thought it would, and we didn't even get home until Midnight (we left here at 1pm. And poor Liam never even took a nap. That kid was snoring within a few blocks of leaving).

Anyhoo - I'm exhausted, and I can't decide on a photo for today. So I'll leave this for the morning and update with my day 2 photo :)


I've decided that I'm gonna do each blog entry the day after I take the photos. That way I can spend all day on it, here and there, instead of rushing to get it done after the kids go to bed :)

Anyhoo - after the crazy, long day yesterday, I decided my Day 2 photo should incorporate that somehow. The hours that were spent on this - by everyone involved - deserve some sort of mention. There was blood (those needles are sharp!), sweat (with a messed up heating system, I was left in the hottest part of the house to work, lol) and tears (okay - I only got misty-eyed when I jammed my finger into the needle, but we can pretend Kaci had tears of joy over the completion of this project) :D

That's Kaci - and she's sitting on the seat that we did up yesterday. You can see the nasty red that she hates on the back part of the booth. That's what was originally covering the black... along with some duct tape and many, many scratches, scrapes & holes... We hope to one day replace the back as well, but we're calling it a done job for now. I LOVE this photo because of the sheer joy radiating on her face, lol. She was SOOO happy that we not only got it done - but that it turned out far better than any of us expected!

And since I did take so many photos - I thought a small collage of the work in progress was called for. So here's a little look at our project :)

You can see my seam lines on that bottom, right photo. I was so worried that the seam right there in the middle where it all comes together wasn't gonna hold with all the pulling that was done while they stapled it - let alone the normal wear and tear of every day life... but so far it seems to be holding great. Fingers crossed that it continues that way.

That's all for today! See you tomorrow!! XOXO!! :)

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  1. great job....how is it holding out?


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