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Monday, January 11, 2010

Day 11 -- Dare Devil & MIL Update

My MIL is doing a little better. She's been taken off the breathing machine and just has one of the oxygen nose things to help her. They were also able to remove the fluid around her lungs, and learned she has pneumonia. So the surgery has been pushed back to Thursday to help give her time to get rid of the pneumonia.

Tom spent a good portion of the day at the hospital, so the kids and I just had one of those blah Mondays. Especially since Connor didn't go to school today - he's got a wicked ear ache, so we kept him home and made a doc appointment for tomorrow.

Never one to keep things calm, the kids had their moments for sure. And that is a sure thing when it comes to Liam and his bravery. He's been pushing his balancing/dare-devil limits from the moment he could climb. Today was no exception as he used the couch as his personal jungle gym. I know - probably not the best motherly move... But when my terrible-twos son is giggling, I sometimes choose to turn a blind eye, lol.

So day 11 is Liam jumping off the arm of the couch onto the cushions, lol. Not necessarily a daily occurrence - but a common one :)

Here's a little video I did a couple days before this, lol. I was way happy about the "One! Two! Three!" that he chanted before falling down, lol. Oh, and forgive my dorky laugh at the end, lol. You never really know how silly you sound until you hear it in play back, lol :)

See you tomorrow!! XOXO!


  1. that video is just adorable!!! and that is a great picture! i totally know what you mean about te dare-devil-ness just tda taylor was jumping off the side table onto the couch. the other day he was coming down the stairs and i was walking upthe stairs. he stopped, looked a me, and jumped to my arms. its a good thng i wasnt holding anything because he gave me NO warning! lol

  2. Video was so cute!!


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