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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Day 10 - Zoom Zoom & MIL Update

Quick update: My MIL is doing well. She's got a tube in her (not sure what kind or anything ) helping her to breath. She's also got a tube helping the fluid around her lungs to drain (I think it's for draining anyways - but I know there's fluid and they're trying to get rid of it). She's pretty doped up and they're taking good care of her. Keep us in your prayers please!!

Today was escape day. We needed to get away from EVERYTHING and decided to go back over to our friend's house. It ended up being an amazing day!! Tom hung downstairs with Kevin & Krisstin most of the day. And I was upstairs with Kaci & Dameon. (Both families rent in the same house - and this house is HUGE, with 2 full "homes" - one upstairs the other down). Connor was playing with Devan & Ray and Liam hung upstairs with me, playing with Jaiden.

At one point, despite the crazy windy cold, the older kids went outside. They found this little bike thing (not quite sure what it was) for Connor to ride down the hill, and he had a blast on that. Ray's older brother Coda was riding his skate board, "racing" Connor. At one point, he moved Connor up and sat behind him. The added weight made them fly down the hill!! And that is my day 10 photo:

And since I was snapping photos left and right - here are a few "honorable mentions" for the day. See you tomorrow!! XOXO!

Top L. -- Connor racing Coda
Top R. -- Devan enjoying the fun
Bottom L. -- Liam getting a much needed nap
Bottom R. -- Jaiden showing off his "blanket over head, ram into wall" owie :)

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  1. Hey Jen, just read back through the past few days of your blog, and I hope your MIL is on the mend very soon. Thinking about you all!


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