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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Day 16 -- May I have this dance

Today my brother-in-law and his family came down for a visit. We had hoped my MIL would be awake today, but the doctors are keeping her sedated for now - just to let her heal more before letting her heart take over completely. We're for sure not gonna rush them - so we just had a nice family visit instead.

Connor & Liam got to play with their cousins - Kalina & Kylie. I always love when they get to see their cousins. Not only are they close in age - and therefore have a great time playing. But the dynamic of girls & boys is one that always is a neat thing to watch :)

Today's photo is of Connor and Kylie dancing :) I'm sitting here trying to think of something to add about the photo, lol - but nothing is coming to mind. So I'll leave it at that :)

I also got the idea to do a video for my MIL of the grandkids. Since the wing she's in won't allow small kids to visit, I thought it would be good to record the kids saying hi. Then I was going to go into visit, show her the video, and then record a reply from her for the kids to watch. Instead I just recorded the kids so that when she does wake up, I can have that waiting for her :)

Eventually they had to leave and go home. Jason is stationed on a Navy base 4hrs north, so they had to get so they could get home at a somewhat decent time for the girls to get to bed. We headed out too, over to our friend's house :) It was a quiet night - just talking and showing each other photos and videos and stuff.

So today was a good day! No news about the house yet - the land lady (Debbie) wasn't able to make calls yet on our information, so we won't know anything until after she can do that (she did call to let us know that - so it's obviously not a no right out the gate - so yay for that!!) :D

See you tomorrow!! XOXO!

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