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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Day 13 -- Daddy's Boots & MIL Update

My MIL is stable - but they kept her sedated all day. She's ready for the surgery, and there's still talk of doing it tomorrow, so hopefully they do it. And hopefully all goes well. There's not much more to add, so please keep us in your prayers!!

Today's photo shows life when you're bored, lol. It was close to bed time, and the kids were sort of winding down. And Liam drug a pair of Tom's boots out (not really sure where he found these ones) and put them on :) I remember when he was so small, and he did the same thing. But he wasn't able to lift his foot to walk - the boots were too heavy :) Well - he can walk in them now, but he did keep losing his balance :)

See you tomorrow!! XOXO!!

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