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Friday, January 22, 2010

MIA for a bit

With the coming move (well - hopefully we move) and other things, I'll be absent from internet life for a couple weeks (at the least). I have continued taking photos, and I'm writing the journaling part in a text document. So, whenever I get back online (our internet is off right now) then I'll be doing a bunch of catching up. It's gonna seem kinda funny, reading about stuff that is a couple weeks old (especially some of my emotional stuff - yeah, I've had a horrible couple of days that I vented about, and I don't feel right editing what I wrote that day since I really wanna get a day by day accounting of my life this year - done with both photos and journaling)....

Anyhoo -- I will be back! My P365 continues on even though it won't seem like it for a few weeks :) See you soon!! XOXO! :D

Monday, January 18, 2010

Day 18 -- Attack of the Moving Boxes

A quick update about my MIL: She's still doing great. They brought her out of sedation, but she's still pretty out of it. I know my FIL was there and she opened her eyes and squeezed his hand when he asked her to - so one step closer to the edge of those woods (you know - the "not quite out of the woods yet" saying...)

So, today I spent most of the day working on a layout for Yari's new kit. I got it done eventually - and I really love how it turned out! I wish I could show you now, but the kit isn't released until Thursday/Friday time - so I'll have to wait to show you until then.

I also doubled my efforts on packing, which is what today's photo is about. Back on the January 4th post, I showed how my Christmas decorations were still chillin' in the living room and were most likely going to stay there and have more boxes added to them since we would be moving at the end of this month. Well - it's happened. That corner of my living room has doubled with boxes. And now - the boxes have taken over my dining room too, lol. Poor Liam has lost his high chair amidst all the chaos, lol :)

That's all today! Still no news on whether we got the house. Since it's a holiday today, we really weren't expecting any word. Let's hope we hear some good news from them tomorrow!! XOXO! :)

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Day 17 -- Lazy Doodle Days

A quick little update about my MIL - they've been slowly but surely weening her off of both medications as well as machines. So far, so awesome - so yay! Thank you so much for all your prayers!!

As for my photo taking - I really didn't do much today! I still wasn't feeling well, and whenever I did find some energy - I was packing. So in an effort to grab something for P365, I remembered some silly doodles I drew the other day, lol. Normally my bored doodles don't amount to much. But I got on some weird snowman kick, and ended up decapitating one of my snowmen, lol. So my photo today is of that

OH - and just in case you're interested - here's a look at some of the other snowmen that graced my page :)

Yes, yes - marvel at my artistic expertise!! :P ... Gotta love those lazy days, eh? :) See you tomorrow!! XOXO! :D

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Day 16 -- May I have this dance

Today my brother-in-law and his family came down for a visit. We had hoped my MIL would be awake today, but the doctors are keeping her sedated for now - just to let her heal more before letting her heart take over completely. We're for sure not gonna rush them - so we just had a nice family visit instead.

Connor & Liam got to play with their cousins - Kalina & Kylie. I always love when they get to see their cousins. Not only are they close in age - and therefore have a great time playing. But the dynamic of girls & boys is one that always is a neat thing to watch :)

Today's photo is of Connor and Kylie dancing :) I'm sitting here trying to think of something to add about the photo, lol - but nothing is coming to mind. So I'll leave it at that :)

I also got the idea to do a video for my MIL of the grandkids. Since the wing she's in won't allow small kids to visit, I thought it would be good to record the kids saying hi. Then I was going to go into visit, show her the video, and then record a reply from her for the kids to watch. Instead I just recorded the kids so that when she does wake up, I can have that waiting for her :)

Eventually they had to leave and go home. Jason is stationed on a Navy base 4hrs north, so they had to get so they could get home at a somewhat decent time for the girls to get to bed. We headed out too, over to our friend's house :) It was a quiet night - just talking and showing each other photos and videos and stuff.

So today was a good day! No news about the house yet - the land lady (Debbie) wasn't able to make calls yet on our information, so we won't know anything until after she can do that (she did call to let us know that - so it's obviously not a no right out the gate - so yay for that!!) :D

See you tomorrow!! XOXO!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Day 15 -- Two Little Monkeys

My MIL is doing great still!! They are still keeping her sedated so that her heart can have a chance to heal. I think they took the balloon out today (it was helping her heart work I guess) but I'm not really sure. I do know she's doing good - so yay! :)

Nothing too exciting happened today. Gotta love those days where you just chill and enjoy stuff :) I wasn't feeling so good, so I just relaxed and watched a marathon of Sanctuary on Syfy (yes - I'm a dork, with a tad of geekiness and nerdiness in me, lol).

Towards the end of the day, I realized I didn't get any photos, so I grabbed up my camera at bed time and took a few. The coolest thing about P365 is that my youngest is starting to stop and post for me, lol. He'll say "Cheese!" in that adorable little voice of his. AND - it makes getting a photo of both my boys together SO much easier!! YAY for progress, lol :) So todays photo is one of the cutest pics of the two of them ever! Liam's face in this makes me giggle every time :D

OH - and I can finally show this today!! I did another layout a couple days ago, but couldn't show it off right away because the kit hadn't been released yet. Lyndsay made the most adorable kit for sleeping, and the photo of Liam asleep from THIS post was perfect!! So here's my layout - which I totally love!!! :)

If you're curious about the credits (ie: Kit & Font used) - Just click the image :)

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Day 14 -- New Home & Fantastic MIL Update

Today was a great day!! My MIL is doing great (all things considered). She had her surgery today - the open heart surgery - and the doctors were surprised and pleased at how well she did. She's still sedated and won't really be alert and aware of visitors for a couple days, so we're staying away for now. Also, she still can't see kids yet (the whole floor she's on is 12 & older. Not really sure why a 13 year old is "safer" than a 12yr old - but whatever!)... so we'll probably hold off until she's moved to the normal ICU where all family & friends can visit. So to put it the way my FIL said - she's not quite out of the woods yet, but she's a whole lot closer to the edge now! :)

Add to that wonderful news - we had a fantastic thing happen to us. My hubby had been searching daily on craigs list for house rentals. The majority of them go through agencies, and I'm so done with dealing with a company. We're looking for a family (someone similar to my mom who has a few rentals) who will look at us like people - not the way a company might look at us as a simple tenant with $$.

Well, Tom found a place and drove by it. Today, after getting Connor from school, we stopped by and looked at it together. My first impressions weren't great. But it's hard to be excited when you had your heart's set on another place (a place that we HAD, but they wouldn't wait till our lease expired here and ended up renting it to someone else). So, later tonight, the owners met us there and we got the grand tour.

It's a tad smaller than what I had wanted, and the location is NOT what I had hoped for. But it does have the things we needed - three bedrooms, a fenced in back yard, no stairs, and the potential to be a long term home (not just a place we stay in for a year, and then the owners decide to sell it or something lame). The kids had a blast running around, investigating everything! Connor is SO excited to move - he asks me every day if we can move today, lol.

So today's photo is Connor - VERY excited - about our prospective new home! :)

I'm so excited about moving. I don't know if we will get this place (but it does seem VERY possible) but I do know we'll be moving regardless. I can't wait to not have to walk up stairs just to get in my front door - and then more stairs to get up to the bedrooms. Townhomes have their upsides - but definitely down sides as well :) And separate bedrooms for the kids - oh I cannot wait!! :)

That's all for today!! See you tomorrow!! XOXO!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Day 13 -- Daddy's Boots & MIL Update

My MIL is stable - but they kept her sedated all day. She's ready for the surgery, and there's still talk of doing it tomorrow, so hopefully they do it. And hopefully all goes well. There's not much more to add, so please keep us in your prayers!!

Today's photo shows life when you're bored, lol. It was close to bed time, and the kids were sort of winding down. And Liam drug a pair of Tom's boots out (not really sure where he found these ones) and put them on :) I remember when he was so small, and he did the same thing. But he wasn't able to lift his foot to walk - the boots were too heavy :) Well - he can walk in them now, but he did keep losing his balance :)

See you tomorrow!! XOXO!!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Day 12 -- Crazy Person & MIL Update

Well, we had another rough day today. My MIL is okay now, but she did not have a good day at all. My mom and a couple other friends were actually just arriving for a visit when my MIL coded. She had yet another heart attack and had to do some pretty drastic things to bring her back. I'm getting HIGHLY PISSED that they aren't doing the surgery yet. Granted, I really don't know the specifics. But dammit, I wish someone would tell me why she has had to have TWO MORE HEART ATTACKS and they STILL haven't completed the surgery!!!

Okay - before I get anymore pissed, I'll just leave it that my MIL is stable, but not doing so great... So as always, please keep us in your prayers.

Onto my day 12 photo... I got a few of the kiddos, but none of them really turned out good. So in an effort to get something for the day, I decided to do one of those dreaded self portraits, lol. I did the smiling... I tried the serious (yeah, those NEVER turn out good)... And ended with cooky.

So tell me -- Does this photo make me look crazy?! :D

Oh, it does? Well... Yeah, I guess that's not surprising, lol. Hey - I'm a dork, what can I say!! :) That's all for today! See you tomorrow!! XOXO!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Day 11 -- Dare Devil & MIL Update

My MIL is doing a little better. She's been taken off the breathing machine and just has one of the oxygen nose things to help her. They were also able to remove the fluid around her lungs, and learned she has pneumonia. So the surgery has been pushed back to Thursday to help give her time to get rid of the pneumonia.

Tom spent a good portion of the day at the hospital, so the kids and I just had one of those blah Mondays. Especially since Connor didn't go to school today - he's got a wicked ear ache, so we kept him home and made a doc appointment for tomorrow.

Never one to keep things calm, the kids had their moments for sure. And that is a sure thing when it comes to Liam and his bravery. He's been pushing his balancing/dare-devil limits from the moment he could climb. Today was no exception as he used the couch as his personal jungle gym. I know - probably not the best motherly move... But when my terrible-twos son is giggling, I sometimes choose to turn a blind eye, lol.

So day 11 is Liam jumping off the arm of the couch onto the cushions, lol. Not necessarily a daily occurrence - but a common one :)

Here's a little video I did a couple days before this, lol. I was way happy about the "One! Two! Three!" that he chanted before falling down, lol. Oh, and forgive my dorky laugh at the end, lol. You never really know how silly you sound until you hear it in play back, lol :)

See you tomorrow!! XOXO!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Day 10 - Zoom Zoom & MIL Update

Quick update: My MIL is doing well. She's got a tube in her (not sure what kind or anything ) helping her to breath. She's also got a tube helping the fluid around her lungs to drain (I think it's for draining anyways - but I know there's fluid and they're trying to get rid of it). She's pretty doped up and they're taking good care of her. Keep us in your prayers please!!

Today was escape day. We needed to get away from EVERYTHING and decided to go back over to our friend's house. It ended up being an amazing day!! Tom hung downstairs with Kevin & Krisstin most of the day. And I was upstairs with Kaci & Dameon. (Both families rent in the same house - and this house is HUGE, with 2 full "homes" - one upstairs the other down). Connor was playing with Devan & Ray and Liam hung upstairs with me, playing with Jaiden.

At one point, despite the crazy windy cold, the older kids went outside. They found this little bike thing (not quite sure what it was) for Connor to ride down the hill, and he had a blast on that. Ray's older brother Coda was riding his skate board, "racing" Connor. At one point, he moved Connor up and sat behind him. The added weight made them fly down the hill!! And that is my day 10 photo:

And since I was snapping photos left and right - here are a few "honorable mentions" for the day. See you tomorrow!! XOXO!

Top L. -- Connor racing Coda
Top R. -- Devan enjoying the fun
Bottom L. -- Liam getting a much needed nap
Bottom R. -- Jaiden showing off his "blanket over head, ram into wall" owie :)

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Day 9 -- Play time & MIL update

Today... well, today was kind of a bad day. The kids had a rough morning, so instead of heading out before nap time (and just going without) we decided to put them to bed and leave after that. Well, they finally get up and we get ready. We called Tom's mom at the hospital and asked if it was a good time to stop by. OH - yeah, this morning we got word that his mom was moved a couple floors up. That wing is less strict with regards to kids, so we wanted to go and let the kids see Momo (their nickname - pronounced Mah-moe).

So we head to the hospital, in high spirits since we finally got to visit Momo without asking permission from the "warden." We got to the floor and headed down the hall when we heard a loud moan. I really didn't think much of it until Tom told me to take the kids back. That moan was his mom. We headed back and sat down and waited. Tom came back out and told me his mom was having another heart attack - right then!

Tom called his dad to come back to the hospital, and I continued to stay with the kids. There were other people in the waiting room, so I had to try and keep them quieter than normal. After Big Tom (my FIL) got there, Tom (my husband - yeah it can get confusing) came out and tried to take Connor back there just to say... well, one never knows how these things will go. But there were just too many people and machines and craziness, so he didn't even try. Then he told me I could go see her real quick before we left. I headed back there... My stomach was tied in knots as it was - this sort of situation really makes me nervous. Walking into her room, seeing her like that... it scared me, that's for sure. I went over to my FIL and we just kinda held onto each other. He thanked us for calling him (duh, no thanks was ever necessary) and he said he'd call and let us know how things go.

So after that terrifying visit, we left and headed to our friend's house. Getting there, I must say it felt good to just kinda forget everything for a while. One of our friend's Kevin (who just lost his dad) took Tom on a drive so they could talk. I was so happy Kevin was there for him. Tom did his best to be there for Kevin, so I'm glad Tom had that. The kids played till way late. Oh man, we actually didn't pull out of the drive way until 2:30am! NOT something we planned!! But I was proud of my little Liam - he did amazing all the way until the end. And he was asleep before we were at the end of the road.

So my day 9 photo is of Liam. I had hoped it would be a photo of their visit with Momo, but that wasn't going to happen tonight. Instead, it's of Liam playing with a ball toy (the ball goes down and around and then is shot out with an air blower contraption where it repeats the whole thing). Liam LOVES that toy, but I know without a doubt that if we were to get that toy, the novelty would wear off and it would just be another object to trip over that just needs more batteries, lol.

Sorry this was so long. I'm not sure how this will all turn out with my MIL, and either way - I want to ... well, I want to remember it all - both the good and the bad. See you tomorrow! Keep us in your prayers please!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Day 8 -- Bath Splash

Please continue to pray for my MIL. We're still not out of the woods yet. She still hasn't had the surgery, and there's no word when she'll have it -- but the common word is soon. She's still in the part of the hospital that feels stricter than a prison, so I haven't been back with the kiddos. It really pisses me off, but there's not much I can do about it - so I'll just vent here to keep me sane!

And now my day 8 photo :) I actually had a pretty stressful day today. Not sure what got into Liam, but he sure was PO'd about something. ALLLL day long! Screaming and fighting - and me yelling and stressing... UGH! I really hate days like that. And Tom was gone most the day - part of that looking for a different job since his doesn't seem to be getting work any time soon. And the rest visiting with his mother at the hospital.

But at the end of the day, I know that MY time is about to come because it's nearly bed time! YAY! lol. But with Liam covered with pizza sauce, we headed upstairs to have a bath. He spent much of the time doing his level best to splash water onto me. But I was prepared - I always cover up with a towel while watching him play, lol. And I take photos (of course!).

Yep - Liam going to town splashing!! Gotta love bath time - he sure does!!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Day 7 -- My boys & MIL Update


Well - things have gotten slightly better for my MIL (which you can my first blog about her in THIS post). Her heart attack stopped sometime last night, so that's good. She had some sort of procedure today that checked the flow of everything (they used dye - I know that much). They discovered that her heart valves aren't working correctly.

Forgive me for not knowing the specifics - this knowledge has been passed down through a number of people, so I don't know much. But here comes the bad news. My MIL will have to have open heart surgery sometime in the coming week... Since I know very little - I can't say what exactly they're gonna do - but I know they're going in to fix (or maybe find) something. But as with every surgery - there will be risks, so prayers are needed please!!

Onto my Day 7 photo (which, I might add, is being posted 25min before midnight! Go me!). Today's photo is just a fun photo of my boys before bed time. I realized I hadn't taken anything today, so I grabbed my camera and took a few.

When I looked at them on the computer, I was slightly bummed at the closed eyes (the LCD screen on my camera is broken, so photos are an unknown until i get them to my computer). BUT - being a "closed eye photo taker" myself (due to VERY sensitive eyes) I kinda felt like it fit to have their eyes closed. My eyes are green, while theirs are blue. (I guess light color eyes can be more sensitive to light) So there's a chance that they have sensitive eyes like me - and it made me smile thinking of all the photos I ruined for my mother cuz of my closed eyes, lol.

So celebrate in the "bad" photos - those quirks all make us human. And they are memories to treasure as well!! :)

See you tomorrow!! XOXO!! :D

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Day 6 -- Taking showers & Prayers needed

Well - today brought a pretty huge surprise. We got a phone call from my FIL (father-in-law) letting us know that my MIL (mother-in-law) was sicker than everyone thought, and that they were admitting her to the hospital. She'd been sick for the last week, and couldn't keep much of anything down. Well, she has diabetes (the life long kind - I don't know much more about it) and the non-eating took a toll on her and all her levels were tweaked this way and that.

Once admitted, and tests were ran, it was discovered that she was also having a heart attack. Not the kind that knocks you to the ground, making your arm go weird. But some kind where it lasts for three frickin' days and is still actually happening right now as I write this. They mumbled something about rising enzymes (whatever that means) and that when they drop, that means she's done with the heart attack...

Sounds pretty dire - but the docs seem highly optimistic. My MIL seemed fine - although tired and still sick-ish. So, after a quick visit tonight (which we barely were able to do since the kiddos were under 12. Okay, WTF is up with that!? No kids?! Seriously! Argh!! Hospitals are getting as bad as the dang airport with all their restrictions and what not).

So please, if you pray - send a couple our way. My MIL can use all the prayers she can get!!

With that off my chest, I now bring you my Day 6 photo. Connor had a first tonight. He just turned 5 around Thanksgiving, and has yet to take a shower 100% by himself. We're usually right there, within ear shot -- getting him a towel, making sure he uses the right shampoo (or as he calls it "Lotion" lol), and being there just in case...

But tonight, my hubby told him to get on upstairs and take a shower all by himself! Connor moved like lightning as he bolted up the stairs. He did everything! I know Tom was on the stairs a lot, listening to make sure all was okay, but it wasn't needed as Connor came out, still giddy with excitement, and completely clean.

And upon learning he was done, I realized I missed some important photos, and ran upstairs to get at least one. And that's today's photo - Connor finished after his first solo shower adventure:

And because I was feeling nostalgic, I thought back to his baby years. He has been a water baby for EVER! Here he is, on September 11th, 2005. He was 10mo old, and loving every minute of bath time :)

And here he is, on June 2nd, 2007 (2.5yrs old) - going under water for the very first time! He came up slightly sputtering, but with a HUGE grin on his face. And he immediately wanted to do it again (and again, lol) :D

So yeah, Connor is a HUGE fan of water, lol. And I don't know if 5yrs old is kinda old for solo showers, but I don't really care. I was still a proud mama tonight, lol.

See ya tomorrow!! XOXO!! :)

Day 5 -- Mr. Attitude

I've been a busy girl!! Blogging for P365, doing up freebie templates for snagging - and blogging about it, making layouts for long lost designers moving to a new store - which I will be blogging about next. Lordy - I'm gonna cry when our internet goes bye-bye during the move :) I enjoy this blogging stuff way to much to go without it for a week :)

But anyhoo - we're on Day 5. So that means another photo in the life of the Moodys :) I got a few good ones today, but I chose to go with this attitude filled photo of Liam :)

Liam started his terrible twos early. He was easily 12mo old when the holy crap attitude started. As he actually approaches two - I personally feel like he's leveled out. He still throws his fits (which involve body flopping, head slapping, wall hitting, and the precious evil eye you see in the photo) LOL!! I know the attitude should be frustrating and annoying, but for some reason his show of temper still has the ability to make me giggle :)

OH! One more thing!! I finally scrapped!! It's been nearly 3 weeks since I've made a layout - and I've been glad for the break. I've also felt adrift in a sea of zero mojo. Valerie of Valerie N. Designs got a hold of me, telling me about her new store and asked me to make a layout with one of her kits. Why sure, I said... It took me all day, and I hated my layout completely until the very end (where I instantly loved it). But I thought I'd share :)

If you're curious about the credits (ie: Kit & Font used) - Just click the image :)

And with that, I'm wrapping up this post! See you tomorrow! XOXO!!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Day 4 -- Procrastination!!

I bet'cha thought I was giving up, huh? :) Nope - I faithfully continued taking photos with the hopes of a peaceful minute that would allow me to catch up. Well - I'm in luck!! It's actually very quiet right now - and the kids aren't getting in trouble (yet) :D

So, Day 4 was really just a blah-normal day. The photos I grabbed weren't really something special. They're special to me cuz they're of my kids, but they left me blank on what to write about them. I mean: "Here's Connor saying 'CHEESE!'" ... And then nothing else, lol. So I looked around and spotted a nagging eye sore that's been on my to-do list for a few days now.

Yep - that would be our Christmas stuff, successfully boxed up ..... still chillin' in the living room. Ugh - way to get things done, right? LOL But to be fair - we're moving at the end of this month, and the thought of putting these back in storage only to pull them back out in a couple weeks makes one pause. So I have a strong feeling those boxes will be staying in the living room, and will soon be joined by other boxes as I begin to pack up the house (which I really need to get started on)

That's all for Day 4!! See you tomorrow!! XOXO! :)

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Day 3 -- Puzzle Time!

Ahh, here's me, the self proclaimed procrastinator, finally getting her Day 3 post done at 2am on Day 5. *sigh* Off to a rockin' start!

But I will not give up, lol. Today was just a busy day, and I didn't have any spare time until now. So my Day 3 photo is about Liam. For Christmas, he got these little foam puzzle pieces which he loves. His older brother Connor figured out how to make a box, and that meant Liam wanted me to make it for him... All. The. Time! One day he came to me with just three pieces, and I made him a triangle instead. And yep - you guessed it. He wanted me to make it for him all the time. You might wonder why - since once making it, all should be fine and dandy. Well, Connor also taught him that after you make a box (or in this case, a triangle) why - you must go and smash it just for the fun of it. Well, Liam finally got fed up with me saying "Not now, Liam" and he went to the table to make it himself. The process was just so adorable that I grabbed my camera and starting snapping away.

It was so cute. The whole time, he was deep in concentration. His little mouth left open as if taking deep, shallow breaths so as to not make a mistake. He actually did make a triangle of sorts, but pushed a tad too hard - breaking it. An "Uh-Oh" came out before he went back to work, trying again to make his triangle :) I was so proud of him - not giving up :)

And since I did take pictures the whole time - here's a little series of him working on it - then completing it - then breaking it :)

See you tomorrow (where my goal is to do my Day 4 post BEFORE midnight!!) :D XOXO!!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Day 2 -- Upholstering Sucks!

You know - it's choosing the picture that I find to be the hardest thing to do right now, lol. I took quite a few today. We went over to our friends house to help them reupholster a booth seat that they have. Well, the whole project too FAR longer than we thought it would, and we didn't even get home until Midnight (we left here at 1pm. And poor Liam never even took a nap. That kid was snoring within a few blocks of leaving).

Anyhoo - I'm exhausted, and I can't decide on a photo for today. So I'll leave this for the morning and update with my day 2 photo :)


I've decided that I'm gonna do each blog entry the day after I take the photos. That way I can spend all day on it, here and there, instead of rushing to get it done after the kids go to bed :)

Anyhoo - after the crazy, long day yesterday, I decided my Day 2 photo should incorporate that somehow. The hours that were spent on this - by everyone involved - deserve some sort of mention. There was blood (those needles are sharp!), sweat (with a messed up heating system, I was left in the hottest part of the house to work, lol) and tears (okay - I only got misty-eyed when I jammed my finger into the needle, but we can pretend Kaci had tears of joy over the completion of this project) :D

That's Kaci - and she's sitting on the seat that we did up yesterday. You can see the nasty red that she hates on the back part of the booth. That's what was originally covering the black... along with some duct tape and many, many scratches, scrapes & holes... We hope to one day replace the back as well, but we're calling it a done job for now. I LOVE this photo because of the sheer joy radiating on her face, lol. She was SOOO happy that we not only got it done - but that it turned out far better than any of us expected!

And since I did take so many photos - I thought a small collage of the work in progress was called for. So here's a little look at our project :)

You can see my seam lines on that bottom, right photo. I was so worried that the seam right there in the middle where it all comes together wasn't gonna hold with all the pulling that was done while they stapled it - let alone the normal wear and tear of every day life... but so far it seems to be holding great. Fingers crossed that it continues that way.

That's all for today! See you tomorrow!! XOXO!! :)

Friday, January 1, 2010

Day 1 -- The Disappearing Car

Even though I opened this new post up around 10pm, it's now actually 12:38am on the Jan. 2nd. It took me a tad longer to figure out exactly how I wanted to do up my photos. And after having decided on a method, I realized I had no idea how to make the frame quickly - so I had to build it myself with limited knowledge, lol. Ah well - I got it done and it meets with my perfectionistic mind - so I'm happy :)

Without further ado - the first picture of 2010 is that of my family; my boys. Liam had been playing with a car, and I snagged it away and pretended to eat it. You should have seen the look on his face when I opened my mouth showing him it was gone! Tom slyly grabbed the car out of my hand and ended up magically pulling it out of Connor's ear! On and on it went - the boys had a great time with that, lol :)

And I will now wrap up the first of many blogs. Here's hoping I can finish my goal of doing this daily. :) I hope y'all had a fantastic New Year. I know my New Year's Eve partying left me quite sluggish today, lol. But it did allow us some comfortable family time, so there's a bright side to ever nauseous moment :)

See you tomorrow!! XOXO!
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