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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Moving Forward

Well, I didn't make it to the end of the year with my project 365 (as you can probably see for yourself). I did try though so I think that should count for something, lol. I kept taking pictures past what's posted here - for quite a while actually. But some pretty huge (and life altering) things happened. Mostly bad stuff, but nothing too horrid (okay - that's a lie. There was actually something very horrid that happened - one of the worst experiences in my life actually. But nothing that I haven't grown from - so I'll take the good with the bad I guess and just move on). Anyways - those life altering things really stopped both the blogging as well as the photo taking (much to my disappointment!). And no - I'm not doing it for 2011. It was just too much stress.

I did however, enjoy taking more photos - trying to get different & unique shots. And it really helped me learn my camera (I'm a little bummed I never got to the P365 photos from when I got my new camera as well as my new lens! I may have to do a condensed post for the last 6 months of 2010!). I also found a love for blogging. I used to journal all the time - so this was really nice to be able to just chatter to my heart's content without any care for how long it was (or what I said for that matter)!

So - now that I'm back online, I think I'm gonna blow the dust off this baby (the blog I mean) and get back at it. I've had some fun times already in 2011, and have taken some fun photos! So I'll be sharing that stuff in the coming days! Yay!! :D

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Day 172 -- Outdoor Cat

Guess what? Kallie finally pissed me off for the last time and she is now an outdoor cat! And no - it wasn't another dead animal (or a live one for that matter) that did it. Nope - that stupid fricking cat sprayed all over the house while we slept! OMG! That smell is frigging repulsive! I mean - it's horrid when I'm smoking. But now that my nose has the ability to smell like a non-smoker ... UGH - it's nauseating! She sprayed on the couch where she sleeps and in by her food and litter box! The food and litter box area I can clean - but the dang couch!? Lucky for her I have other cushions for it. In fact - the cushions we were using went to our old couch. I liked them because they fit and were firmer then the ones that were supposed to go to this couch. But I know what it's like to clean cushions (um - fricking impossible!) and I know what it's like to get the cat spray out (um - again - fricking impossible!). So, I threw out the litter, put the food outside, threw the old cushions out and put on the original ones, and closed the dang cat door for good! I'm SO done with that cat! I'll keep feeding her, but that's it! UGH!!

Oh - and to any animal lovers out there thinking I should give her a 2nd chance - this was her last chance. She's had about 3 or 4 chances now. She screwed up when she sprayed (and I couldn't care less if it's a natural thing for her - it's my house and she's not welcome in it anymore).

On a completely random side note - I finished the last episode of Stargate Atlantis today. And while I'm still saddened by what they did with some characters (I went on a venting spell in THIS post) I'm glad I stuck it through to the end. The last two seasons weren't completely horrible, and I'm happy to have experienced them :) And even though I'm REALLY sad that I finished all the episodes (meaning SG1 and Atlantis both) I'm thrilled that the new Stargate Universe is on right now! I kinda wish it was done so I could watch that one back to back like I did with the others, but that's okay, lol. I'll deal with waiting week to week - season to season. Let's just hope it can stay alive for seasons to come! I'm really loving the whole Stargate "universe" (for lack of a better term, lol) - it's an entertaining world, that's for sure!

Day 171 -- Cuddle Time

I can't believe it - but I've scrapped AGAIN! And this one ... well, this one came from somewhere very private in me. I'm a little shy about putting myself out there so much, but I have to say that all the comments I've been receiving in the galleries that I posted at - the comments have been SO supportive and encouraging! So...yeah, I guess I'm glad I posted it for all to see & read! But first - today's photo.

As I was working on my layout, I would often take a break here or there to just kinda take a breather and make sure I was happy where I was going with it (this used to be my smoke break where I would smoke and stare at it - seeing if I wanted to try something different. Now I just turn my chair around and look in the living room - letting my mind empty out so I can turn back and see it with fresh eyes). Well - I turned around and saw Daddy & Liam snuggling all cute and stuff - and I had to grab a photo :)

And as promised - here's my layout. This layout was VERY therapeutic! I've been trying to find some sort of help for someone like me (ie: no health insurance and therefore no doctor to write a prescription for me). This layout just made me that much more determined to get back on my meds one way or another. Hopefully - soon I'll be able to get stuff figured out and I'll finally find that elusive thing called happiness :)

Full credits can be found by clicking on the image!

Day 170 -- Blooming Beauty

I have some awesome, yay me! news - I've been plugging away on my garage sale organizing - and I got one side of the truck completely done!! Now I have a place that I can stack boxes of stuff for the garage sale. So I can look in there and say - everything right there is gone. Either cuz I sell it in the garage sale, or take it to Value Village afterwards - one way or another, this stuff is gone :) It feels SO liberating getting rid of so much junk!

Today's photo, however, is far from junk. For mother's day, I got a flower from Connor. He actually grew this at school from a seed!! Last years flower lasted for-EV-er, and was more ... flowery. This one look a LOT more weedy, but oh well, lol. Anyhoo - it bloomed really pretty and I grabbed a photo to share :) Don't mind the butter tub that it's in - it's better than the weird sand/rock thing they put flowers in last year, lol.

Day 169 -- Resourcefulness Is My Middle Name

I finally did something I've had on my to-do list since we moved in!

During our move, I did a crazy good job cramming as much of our stuff into our moving truck as I could. No spot was left un-crammed! And that meant all the shelves and furniture were used as well. That worked great - except for one shelf. It wasn't a really nice shelf, and apparently - it wasn't very sturdy either, lol. The weight from the boxes caused the top of it to cave it (not sure how else to describe it. It wasn't a shelf - but the top of the whole shelving unit - that broke. It was pushed down until it snapped and broke. There was no fixing it, and besides - I didn't have room for it in this tiny house anyways, lol).

Anyhoo - this broken shelf has been chilling along the side of the house since I dragged it out of the moving truck. With no fireplace, I wasn't sure what to do with it.

In another part of the Moody house, lol - Liam had a cheapie little shelf that always had to be secured to the wall in order to keep it upright and level. It was just two levels - and it liked to move from side to side. Boys are kinda tuff on furniture, so I would secure it to the wall to keep it in place.

Okay - this post is taking WAY too long, lol. Lets finish up by saying I took the back paper part on the broken shelf. Cut it out to fit on the wobbly shelf. Reused the nails that didn't get too bent and nailed it to the back of the wobbly shelf. And we now have one firmly upright and leveled shelf!

Not too shabby if I say so myself!!

OH! My scrapping has kinda taken off!! I'm not really sure why (maybe it's cuz I was so disappointed in my last couple layouts) but I really needed to get a new favorite under my belt. And I think I did it - cuz I just LOVE how this one turned out!!

Full credits can be found by clicking on the image!

Day 168 -- Leaning Tower of Liam

I scrapped today! I had to force myself to do this one too - but instead of rushing things like I did with THIS layout (both this layout and the one there were done for the same designer), I made myself really dig into the kit and produce something that really feels like my sort of layout. I don't necessarily love this one -- but I am really happy with how it turned out.

Full credits can be found by clicking on the image!

I really like the shadowing on this one. And it was a template that I moved around quite a bit - so I really love the final composition that I ended up using....Sorry, lol - I guess I'm just trying to find things I do like about it since there's still something that bothers me about it.... :)

Today's photo was a sweet little moment of Liam playing with Connor's blocks. I was actually really proud of how many blocks he was able to balance - all on his own. The photo below is (obviously) right before his little tower fell (and then afterwards, it was all about knocking it down and not building it up, lol - boys!). So here's today's photo :)

Day 167 -- New View

And the race is on! It's time to really gear down and get my garage sale going. Having no garage means I don't have any place to move stuff around for organizing purposes - so it's gonna be tricky. Moving the truck was step one. Step two is getting everything out of the truck that I plan to keep. Easier said than done, lol.

However - moving the truck has made me feel LOTS more vunurable. Why, you ask :) Well - I'm SO used to stepping outside and having a good chunk of my view taken up by a giant white moving truck. Now when I step out - I get this:

I feel so exposed, lol. I do feel weird - but it's kinda nice at the same time. Now when someone drives by - and I wanna see them - I can look out the window and actually see them (it got a little frustrating when I couldn't see around the moving truck to see what was making a noise).

So yep - it's a new view. And it's time to get busy! Wish me luck - I have LOTS of work ahead of me before I finally do my first ever garage sale! :) See you tomorrow! XoXo!! :D
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